Fires in the Var: Brigitte Bardot asks for a “white year of hunting” -!


ANIMALS – A respite for animals: this is what Brigitte Bardot asks the prefect of Var this Friday 08 August. In an open letter, shared on her social networks, the activist warns of the dangers that the opening of the hunt would cause in this department devastated by fires which are still raging there. She thus claims a “white year”.

After expressing his “gratitude” and his “admiration” for the firefighters who are trying to control the fires, Brigitte Bardot deplores that “the fires leave a Lunar Earth, desolate, particularly in the Massif des Maures where the flora and fauna have been reduced to ashes ”.

# IncendiesVar

Faced with this ecological disaster, we must not add another disaster, I call @Prefect83 to declare a white year of hunting! Nature needs to breathe and animals need a truce, this mad race towards destruction must be stopped.

— BRIGITTE BARDOT (@brigitte_bardot) August 20, 2021 “Faced with this ecological disaster, we must not add another disaster that looms with the imminent opening of the hunt. The natural habitat of the animals is destroyed, many who were not trapped in the flames will perish for lack of food. It would be criminal, absolutely cowardly, to allow hunters to track down and kill the survivors of this tragedy, ”she calls. But the hunting season must open on 12 September in the Var.

Thus, she asks the prefect to “take the necessary measures to postpone the opening of hunting in the Var.”

7100 hectares burned and animals in danger The worst fire of the year in France , which killed two people, the fire is “fixed” in the Var hinterland, but “Not extinguished” and the emergency services fear the strengthening of the wind.

The fire which started from a motorway rest area on Monday has already burned 4382 hectares of cork oaks, poplars and many flowering shrubs which dotted the Massif des Maures and hosted populations bats, tree frogs and other rodents …

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) this week worried about the consequences for wild animals ―lynx of the desert, Corsican-Sardinian deer, birds, rodents and reptiles― of the fires that are ravaging Russia this summer and the countries of the Mediterranean basin .

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