Best Food processor Reviews 2021: which is the best?

A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to facilitate repetitive tasks in the preparation of food. Today, the term almost always refers to an electric-motor-driven appliance, although there are some manual devices also referred to as “food processors“. Food processors are similar to blenders in many forms.

Best Food processor Reviews 2021

We have tested Best food processors. The best universal food processor for us is the Kenwood Chef Elite. It has mastered the tasks in our test best, is solidly built and beautifully finished and thanks to extensive accessories very versatile. However, with a lot of accessories, it quickly becomes quite expensive. If you don’t want to spend that much, we have some recommended alternatives for you.

Kneading, rasping, stirring, rubbing, baking, pressing, pureing, cutting – in the kitchen there are a variety of very different work steps. Admittedly, most of them can also be done by hand. But it’s easier with an electric helper that takes the effort away. This is best done with a universal food processor.

But before you storm off and eagerly reach for the next best apparatus that falls into your hands, you should think about it. Even if they combine many functions, food processors are large appliances and take up a lot of space in the kitchen. If you buy one, it should therefore also be really versatile, so that it does not spend most of the year only dust.

We have tested a total of best machines, three of which are no longer available. Despite the countless models on the market, there are only four really big manufacturers: Kenwood, KitchenAid, Bosch and Philips. Others try to gain a foothold in the market and offer their models at significantly lower prices, for example Klarstein.

The major manufacturers offer variants for almost every price range (Bosch, Philips) or have moved their models to the medium to high – price segment (Kenwood, KitchenAid). The machines themselves, however, often differ only marginally, there are differences especially with the supplied accessories.

Brief overview: Our recommendations

1. Kenwood Chef Elite KVC5320S UK

The powerful planetary agitator absorbs it with every dough. Machine and tools are robust and heavy.

The best food processor for us is the Kenwood Chef Elite. It is top processed and can be used extremely versatile thanks to extensive accessories. Also thanks to modern technology, it beats the popular KitchenAid Artisan – and is even a bit cheaper. Even compared to other models of the manufacturer, the Chef Elite is our favorite, if only just.

Kenwood Chef Elite KVC5320S

Which Kenwood mixer is best?

Our favourite stand mixer at the moment is the utterly brilliant Kenwood Titanium Chef which is packed with features, fantastic to use and extraordinarily efficient.

What is the difference between Kenwood Chef and Major?

The main difference between the two machines is the size. The Major has a 7 Quarts bowl and the Chef a 5 Quarts bowl. The motor size will also be different for a Major (800 Watts) for a Chef (750 Watts). It is worth noting that the Major is a taller and heavier machine as it can mix larger quantities at one time.

What has happened to Kenwood?

Since October 2011, Kenwood survives as the brand of JVCKenwood Corporation.

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2. Bosch MUM56340 Styline UK

Practical, solid and relatively cheap – no wonder that the styline is a bestseller.

With the Bosch MUM56340 Styline you get a lot for relatively little money. She mixes and kneads well, but not as well as our favorite Kenwood and KitchenAid. Unbeatable is the rich accessories that comes with it. In terms of design and workmanship, however, it cannot keep up with the more expensive machines from Kenwood and KitchenAid.

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3. KitchenAid Artisan

Not only beautiful – but also good – at least in terms of kneading, beating and stirring.

The Artisan by KitchenAid not only convinces with its iconic, cuddly design, it can also knead really well. However, you have to know that she is completely at home in the field of baking. Rasping, rubbing, pureing, mixing and pressing is rather provisional or not possible. This makes it far from as versatile as our Kenwood favourite. But those who do not need these additional functions or only rarely and are primarily looking for a machine for stirring and kneading, are also excellently served with the jewel of KitchenAid.

Which is better KitchenAid Artisan or classic?

There’s no doubt that the Artisan model is better when it comes to making bread. It has more power and bigger capacity. On the other hand, the KitchenAid 4.5-qt Classic is not recommended for bread. It can be used on rare occasions, but not for stiff and dry dough.

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Is KitchenAid worth the money?

The short answer is yes. KitchenAid mixers are worth it because they do so much more than mix; they shred, grind, whip, knead, and mash. With the plethora of attachments available, you can use them to make pasta, mix ice cream, stuff sausages, juice fruits and vegetables, and more.

4. Bosch MUM48A1

The affordable machine impresses with its barrier-free bowl and many accessories.

The Bosch MUM48A1 is the manufacturer’s affordable entry-level model. Already with the standard accessories it can cut, rasp and plane as well as knead and beat. In addition, there are mixer and meat grinder options. However, the engine is not as strong as with our other recommendations, even ice snow does not succeed so well here. But cutting, rasping and planing works well. If you don’t want to spend a lot and the focus is less on baking, the entry-level Bosch is a good choice.

Which is better KitchenAid or Bosch mixer?

The Bosch Universal is hands down the best mixer for making bread. Because of the bowl design (the mixing shaft comes up from the bottom rather than the top, like the KitchenAid), and because of the higher power, the Bosch can easily hold upwards of 22 cups of ingredients in the bowl and will mix bread like a boss.

Are Bosch mixers good?

Excellent Product from Bosch. After doing lots of research finally brought this product . Highly powerful efficient mixer. Bit noisy but it comes with power motor so manageable.

Which brand of cake mixer is the best?

Best Overall/Best Rated: KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield. Best Value: Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer. Best Budget-Friendly: Dash Stand Mixer. Best Splurge: Ankarsrum Original Kitchen Machine.

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5. Philips HR7510/00

Kneading, cutting and mixing in the smallest format: those who often grate vegetables will find a good and compact model at Philips.

If your focus is not so much on baking, but you often grate and cut fruits and vegetables, then the Philips HR7510/00 is a good choice. It is more compact than the Bosch MUM models and comes with a lot of accessories. But she can’t knead dough as well as the KitchenAid or Kenwood machines.

According to Philips’ website, the company designed the Viva HR7510/11 food processor to help people with hectic lives create healthy meals, and it has a wide feeding chute to take large vegetables with minimal preparation. But does this food processor chop quickly and evenly, as well as blend and whisk brilliantly? Our full review will tell you. Read More: Visit Site

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Tips for shopping

The idea of being able to complete all tasks in the kitchen with just one machine sounds quite tempting at first. In practice, however, the concept of the universal food processor quickly reaches its limits. Although the manufacturers try to do justice to the ambitious idea with an army of accessories, but also an egg-laying wool milk sow has its strengths and weaknesses in the end.

If you are looking for a food processor, you should therefore first consider what tasks your food processor should take over for you and what is only occasionally used. Bake often and do not want to work heavy dough sweaty by hand, the food processor should be especially good in it. Or do you rather need a machine for mixing, vegetable cutting and pureeing? Then perhaps a food processor is the better choice, which can do all that well-but not knead.

One for everything is often not useful in everyday life

Even if a machine does a task satisfactorily in principle, the question still arises how useful this is in everyday life. Because especially kitchen machines with a lot of accessories are often too cumbersome in construction, that you want to chop an onion, two carrots rasp or two plates of soup with them quickly times. First you have to find the right accessory in the depths of the kitchen cabinets, then you need some advanced 3D puzzle skills to make it together and in the end the parts are difficult to clean or take away a lot of space in the dishwasher. A handy shredder, a simple hand blender or the good old kitchen knife is often the better solution.

With some things, additional functions can of course make sense, for example, if you grind spices or occasionally squeeze an orange juice. But if you want to press your own juice, mix a smoothie or prepare pasta every day, you usually can’t avoid special equipment, because often the all-rounders do not deliver as good a result as the specialists in the end.

So as nice as the idea of an all – rounder machine is-experience shows that a large part of the many pretty accessories will soon dust somewhere in a cupboard. Therefore, our advice: forget about the one machine for everything and prefer to get one that does what is important for you really well!

How strong should a food processor be?

Kneading dough is sweat-inducing, so you should think that machines with a strong motor have the edge here-but thought wrong.

A food processor does not need the most power when kneading dough, but when high speeds are required, for example when mixing and pureing. Even for the processing of heavy doughs, however, even smaller wattage figures are sufficient, because the higher speed of the motor is translated into a smaller speed by means of a gearbox and thus provides a lot of power at relatively small RPM.

More power is not automatically better

This is also the reason why the KitchenAid Artisan with its comparatively meagre 300 watts is in no way inferior to its much stronger competitors when kneading tough yeast dough: The Kenwood devices are the strongest in the test with 1,000 to 1,200 watts, followed by the Philips HR7778/00 or Bosch MultiTalent 8 with 1,000 watts and the Bosch Styline with 900 watts. But as I said: For the preparation of doughs, the Numbers are ultimately irrelevant. On the other hand, this also makes it clear why there is no mix attachment for the KitchenAid: your engine is simply not strong enough for this.

One notices the performance against it at the volume and the heat development. Here you can clearly tell the 1,000 Watt devices their power, especially if you let them run at higher levels.

So we have tested

Whether for scrambled dough or egg whites, for muffins or bread: if you like to bake a lot, you can’t avoid a food processor. At the latest, if you want to beat eggs foamy for a recipe or knead a heavy yeast dough for a quarter of an hour, most hand stirrers and their owners reach their limits. Food processors can take away a lot of sweat-inducing work and help you to have more fun baking – at least if you have the right one.

In order to find out which food processor is the best, we subjected all test equipment to a detailed practical test: in total, we had thirteen food processors in the test, whereby we processed many kilograms of flour, sugar and masses of butter, eggs and milk.

In addition to yeast dough, we made a classic scrambled dough and separated the eggs, whipped the egg white stiff, whipped butter with sugar with the egg yolk frothy, stirred flour and finally lifted the egg snow. The dough result was good for all food processors, but there were big differences in the quality of the result in the individual work steps.

food processor

In addition, we cut plenty of root vegetables and potatoes – at least with the machines that could. The two machines from Klarstein, for example, can’t chop vegetables, the Bella Rossa can only knead and stir, the Lucia still has connections for a meat grinder, which can also be used to make pastry and pasta.

Test winner: Kenwood Chef Elite

The Kenwood Chef Elite is very high quality, looks classy and is easy to use. In addition, the manufacturer offers an enormous amount of accessories, which must be purchased as an option. Of course, this is not very cheap, but the good quality and the excellent results justify the price.

Kenwood Chef Elite KVC5320S UK

The powerful planetary agitator absorbs it with every dough. Machine and tools are robust and heavy.

The Kenwood comes with a robust 4.6-liter mixing bowl and is therefore well suited for large quantities. There are also XL versions with 6.7-liter bowl. For most, they may be too big – only if you have a very large family, the larger variants are the better choice for you. An overview of all current Kenwood models can be found here.

The Kenwood Chef Elite is high quality and very powerful

In the test, the Kenwood Chef Elite did all the work around baking as well and reliably as the KitchenAid and is at least as noble and high-quality processed. In fact, in direct comparison, it even makes a higher-quality impression than the KitchenAid. And while the KitchenAid not only looks like from the 1940s, but is also technically still stuck in the last century, the Kenwood Chef Elite is clearly a scion of the current millennium.

The Chef Elite is made of robust die-cast zinc and is very stable on the work surface thanks to its high weight. It has a swivel arm that swings gently upwards with the help of springs – very noble.

When opened, the machine fits just under hanging cabinets. However, if accessories such as the multi shredder, the citrus press or even the mixer attachment are placed on the machine, hanging cabinets are in the way. To do this, you have to pull the machine forward onto the work surface.

With a 1200 watt motor, the Chef Elite are very well equipped. This benefits you in particular when mixing and pureing.

Elite Chef & Blender KVC5320S

Baking is about inspiration and creativity, just as much as the end result. Baking a fantastic cake is great, but sharing it with your loved ones is what created long lasting memories

Buy Official Shop: Visit Site (£550.00)

Knead, beat and bake

The Kenwood Chef Elite has a very strong motor and also best implements the existing performance with the mixer attachment, for example. Their high standards can also be seen in the practical spray protection of the kneading arm, which can be easily removed and quickly cleaned. The KitchenAid Artisan, on the other hand, is far from easy to clean. In addition, the splash guard has a practical flap through which you can add ingredients while the device is stirring.

food processor: Kenwood Chef Elite

What has happened to Kenwood?

Since October 2011, Kenwood survives as the brand of JVCKenwood Corporation.

With the yeast dough, the machine delivered a perfect result: the dough no longer stuck and was ideally suited for further processing. Nothing was pulled up on the kneading hook and she was still standing safely on the worktop even at the highest level.

Rasping, cutting and planing

The optional chips plant of the Kenwood Chef Elite has potatoes, no need to cut, unfortunately, results delivered. After all: the chef elite has cut the potatoes plaintively – just not particularly shapely. So that they were banana crumb, you could still live. However, they were also paper-thin at the edges, which makes them black when fried.

Kenwood Chef Elite has potatoes - food processor

Cucumbers cut the carving well, but we were not really satisfied with the carrot rasps either: they were far from as beautiful as at Bosch and Philips, but in any case acceptable.

The chips plant has not convinced us, therefore, is on the whole. It is, just like the machine itself, high-quality processed, but as complicated to assemble as the Bosch MUM. Above all, it is attached to the back of the machine. For example, when planing vegetables, you need the entire depth of the work surface and also have to turn the machine around. But the price is then also a bit high.

Multi-shredder strikes chips plant

The optional multi-shredder, which is placed on the machine, is more practical. This is a small Food Processor. It comes with a multi-knife and an attachment with six discs for rasping, planing and cutting. Both cucumbers, as well as carrots for the Multi-cut shredder is more beautiful than the chips factory. Even a coarse Julienne slice is included, with which we have cut French fries allumettes-this worked very well. A slice for large fries, on the other hand, is not included in the multi-shredder.

The multi-shredder is therefore the better accessory for cutting vegetables than the shredder in all respects: it is more practical, easier to assemble and delivers better results.

Mix and Mash

As an accessory there is an impressive, large, heavy Mixer essay. It is made of heat-resistant glass, which means you can fill both ice-cold and boiling hot liquids. Even a ram is included, just like the model Vitamix.

For the occasional smoothie, the mixer attachment is enough

With the mixer attachment you can at least easily make fruit smoothies in good quality. The mixers can also make green smoothies with vegetables. Kenwood delivers here once again – no wonder, your machine also has the most powerful engine. However, even the Chef Elite does not provide quite as comprehensive a result as a high-performance mixer like the Vitamix. So if you drink a smoothie every now and then, the mixer attachment is enough for you. On the other hand, anyone who feeds on vegetable smoothies every day is better served with a high-performance mixer.

Worth mentioning is the wonderful Kenwood Chef Elite herb and spice mill, which can be used to chop everything from herbs and garlic to purée a pesto to grind spices and coffee in no time at all.

The small, ingenious device comes with four lockable glasses, in which you fill herbs, garlic, ginger, nuts and the like. Then the knife attachment is screwed on and then you put the whole upside down on the high-speed attachment of the Kenwood Chef Elite.

For herbs it is enough to press the pulse button a few times and you already have wonderfully chopped herbs. For spices and coffee in the mill run longer – the longer, the finer the result. This is a really useful and practical idea that takes a lot of work off in the kitchen. In terms of universality, the Kenwood machine itself wins over the KitchenAid Artisan.

For all these qualities, however, you have to dig a little deeper into the Kenwood Chef Elite than in KitchenAid. Especially when it comes to accessories, the English sometimes hit hard. But you also get the best food processor you can buy at the moment.

If you can do without a mixer attachment, perhaps the Chef Sense KVC5100 is of interest to you, as it is much cheaper and qualitatively plays in the same league.

Kenwood Chef Elite in the test mirror

There are not many reviews of the Kenwood food processor yet. The colleagues of Haus & Garten Test (08/2017)have only good words for the boss elite. Above all, functions and processing are highly praised. Overall, she gets the grade 1.3 from the testers.

The etm test magazine praises the processing on the one hand and the extensive accessories for the low – and high-speed connection.

“She knows how to distinguish herself not only with her great material quality, but also with her excellent functionality. The model not only egg whites, cream and co. defeated, but also every light or heavy dough can be processed uniformly.”


In addition to the Kenwood Chef Elite, of course, the other machines are not to be despised. It depends on which field of application you should cover.

Also good: Bosch MUM 56340 Styline

The bowl of the Bosch MUM 56340 Styline holds 3.9 liters. Here, too, there is a stainless steel bowl, but the housing is made of plastic and is significantly less high-quality processed than the more expensive devices. Nevertheless, the machine looks quite chic. The styline is also space-saving and equipped with a low swivel arm, which makes it attractive for small kitchens.

Bosch MUM56340 Styline UK

In the test, the styline has mastered all tasks well. She doesn’t knead quite as well as the Kenwood or the KitchenAid, but good enough. It is also good at stirring and foaming, but not quite as good as the more expensive competitors. When kneading, it remains cool and quiet as the only one of the machines in the test. It creates a good yeast dough, even if it doesn’t quite come close to that of Kenwood and KitchenAid.

food processor: Bosch MUM56340 Styline

The Bosch also cuts a good figure when cutting vegetables. Above all, however, it impresses with a large range of accessories at a low price: there are discs for rasping, rubbing and cutting available, which can be stowed in a chic fabric bag. In addition, a citrus press, a smoothie mix attachment and even a stainless steel meat grinder are included. On the other hand, the Swabians have dispensed with a slice of pomes.

However, putting together the vegetable cutter attachment of the Bosch MUM Styline as well as the Bosch MUM48A1 is quite a fumble. When the thing finally sits on the machine, however, it delivers almost as good results when carrot rasping as the Philips HR7778/00. In contrast, no unprocessed pieces were left behind. And because the styline can also work slower, the cucumbers were cut more beautifully.

Like the MultiTalent 8, the styline also comes with a mixer attachment made of plastic. It is the only option for pureing, because the vegetable cutter attachment can really only do this: cut vegetables.

The Bosch MUM56340 Styline does a lot of things right, just one thing: inspire. It is a bit like the cliché of her Swabian homeland – solid, reliable and economical, but also a bit staid and boring.

Classic KitchenAid Artisan

The main focus of KitchenAid’s Artisan is not on its usefulness. It is a real design classic and with its retro look a real eye-catcher. The old American machine, which is completely made of stainless steel and therefore also quite heavy, makes itself simply good in the kitchen. A KitchenAid food processor is loved and coveted – for its fans, it is simply a cult appliance that you have to have, no matter how good or practical it is. For us, it is definitely the most beautiful of the test devices.

Also tested

Kenwood Chef Sense KVC5100

The Chef Sense KVC5100 from Kenwood is identical to the test winner and therefore has the strong workmanship, the ample optional accessories and the powerful engine on board. It also has two accessory drives, one low-speed and one high-speed. If you like our test winner, but want to spend less money, you simply buy a Chef Sense KVC5100 for about 100 $ less. You then get one made of glass instead of a stainless steel bowl, but the mixer attachment is omitted. Numerous color variants are also available here and bring color to the work surface.


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  1. We had in the late 80s in my training company(restaurant) a pre-war model of KitchenAid.

    Was never broken, although she had to farm properly.And then it was expanded and all new accessories fit on old models too.

    In terms of longevity, I don’t think any other machine can handle it.

  2. It would also be important to know how loud the machines are in operation. Some, like my old Kenwood, are hardly bearable, which tempts even with a short operation to work again by hand.

  3. Very interesting reviews. I’ve wanted a food processor for a long time, but KEnwood is predominantly represented in the electric markets. Seems to be the top dog. Some acquaintances are not satisfied with the quality and customer service.
    Have you also tested other Bosch models (Optimum, mum6, mum5)? Would help me a lot in the decision. The focus is on dough kneading (bread, cakes,…).

    • So far, we have not tested any other Bosch models, as the models differ primarily in accessories. The performance of kneading is relatively similar.

  4. Food processor and food processor have different applications, which should not be dealt with in the same category. But otherwise a good test, closer to practice than the”table with feature list”. I would still have been interested in the Magimix and Braun FP3020.

  5. Kennwood can not even count in the design, in the value and in the technology. As you certainly did not miss, the KitcheAid has a mechanical drive that sits exactly above the stirring element. As a result, she does not need more watts than she has. The circuit is also mechanical, by snapping a manual lever. How does it work at Kennwood? A KitchenAid can be easily repaired by your technology (should there ever be a defect). With the Kennwood probably due to the digital technology the repair will be more expensive than the purchase price.
    Ask yourself why the KitchenAid has been available in the same version for decades and why other companies have to constantly reinvent themselves in order to bring a food processor to the market.

  6. Since I have been wanting a food processor for so long, I would be so happy. The reports are very informative, which made my wish come true even more.

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