Gifts for movie and series lovers that still come to you for Reyes -!

Gifts for movie lovers and series that still come to you for Reyes -!: All the details about Gifts for movie lovers and series that still come to you for Reyes -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Gifts for movie lovers and series that still arrive for Reyes -!. Here’s what you need to know about Gifts for movie lovers and series that still come to you for Reyes -!, Here are the details … There are only a few days left until the deadline approaches and the stores are full of people buying last minute things . If the crowds of the pre-Three Kings were already overwhelming, this year those of us who are a bit agoraphobic have it even more complicated with the increase in infections from Ómicron. If you are looking for a gift for people who like movies and series , you don’t want to leave home and you want to have the product in your hands before it’s too late , these are the best gifts you can get with fast and priority shipping :

Movie Inspired Gifts

Write down these ideas inspired by some of the most famous movies.

Bad Motherfucker Portfolio

I must admit that the The first time I saw that this wallet existed, I bought it and gave it to a friend, who was very excited about it. It’s Jules’s portfolio in Pulp Fiction , which kindly asks Pumpkin at the end of the film to give it back “I want you to open that bag and give me back my wallet (…) is the one that says ‘dangerous son of a bitch'”. One more genius from Tarantino. You will have it at home in just one day.

James Bond Aston Martin DB5

The DB5 is a double myth. James Bond lovers have a special fondness for this car, and motoring fans have the Aston Martin DB5 also as the most impressive car ever made. British brand. This edition of Playmobil is intended for all audiences .

Star Wars Hologram Effect Lamp

This nightstand light can be a R2D2 , the Millennium Falcon or the Death Star . It can be illuminated in the color you like best with a remote control . It is a very cool gift, for all ages and that you will receive before the Three Kings with the option of delivery in one day.

Harry Potter socks

If you are Potterhead , we assume you have the Gryffindor scarf. But… what about ankle socks? These for women are still available to buy and give away for Reyes. Too bad these ideal thicknesses arrive on the 8th …

Gifts inspired by television series

These are our proposals inspired by TV series.

Mug Doctor Who

It is not the most ergonomic mug in the world, but it sure holds a lot of tea inside. Also, has a lid , so if you stay away for a moment, your breakfast will not get cold.

Notebook Death Note

A classic among classics. In this notebook you will be able to keep a count of all your haters , you can also write name and surname of your neighbors above who usually give the turra with the drill or … to the 350 Spanish deputies, if you want. Luckily, the Shinigami have been on indefinite strike for a long time, so… if the notebook works, it will be pure coincidence .

Los Pollos Hermanos T-Shirt

Available in four colors and all the sizes you can imagine , the “KFC” T-shirt from Breaking Bad is a great gift for those who long for the series (or the time in which the “meta” ruled for New Mexico),.

Barney Stinson Tie

The rubber duck tie is the most representative piece of merchandising of How I Met Your Mother. If you want it, you will receive it without problems before the Three Wise Men. Of course, if you are going to use it, put on a suit .

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