There is a month left for Google Photos to be paid and these are all the alternatives available

Google Photos will stop being free and Unlimited for everyone and will start limiting, among other things, the indiscriminate upload of photos. The only ones who will stay as they are will be the users of Google Pixel phones while the rest will have to go through the box to continue having certain privileges, because there will be different plans with different storages but the Unlimited will be over.

So it’s up to us to decide what we’re going to do. Maybe we choose to pay the fee that we decide to pay and adhere to one of their premium plans, or maybe we prefer to mount a NAS at home and transfer the photos to our own network. Or we can also take a look at the competition, which online photo storage services are available and what each of them offers us.

Best Google Photos alternatives in 2021

Once we are clear that we want to move from Google Photos it is time to decide where. That is where the search and capture of a service that offers us something closer to what we are looking for, and we are going to propose a few of the most important in the sector. Starting with Microsoft’s OneDrive and ending with the Russian Yandex Disk. Options for everyone.

Google Photos
Google Photos alternatives


Microsoft allows you to impersonate many of Google’s applications and services with your own, and the same applies to backing up photos. It is available through the OneDrive application, activating the camera upload .

From there, OneDrive takes care of syncing photos and videos automatically and in original quality. Microsoft gives 5 GB free to new accounts and price plans that start at 2 euros per month for 100 GB, the Office 365 package being especially interesting , which comes with 1 TB of storage in addition to the office suite.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive


Flickr is one of the best alternatives that we will find in this list because although it does not offer us unlimited storage, it does put in front of us a hard drive in the cloud with up to 1TB of storage completely free . And 1TB gives to upload many photos.

It is true that the service has some limitations such as not allowing us to upload photos of more than 200MB (is anyone going to overcome this with a mobile?) But we have the automatic upload from the mobile app , and if we wish it has a charger for personal computers for both Windows and Mac OS and Linux. Without a doubt, a great option.



  • Developer: Yahoo
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Photography


Dropbox is one of the best known names in the world of cloud storage. Its Android application can, like Google Photos, make a backup copy of all your photos automatically (and you can also choose which photos are copied and which are not).

To activate the backup of photos in Dropbox, you must activate Uploads from camera, with the possibility of also selecting videos. They are uploaded to original quality and count on your space. Dropbox gives 2 GB free to new accounts and has 2 TB plans for 119.99 euros per year.

Dropbox: cloud storage

Dropbox: cloud storage

Amazon Prime Photos

Unlike other apps on our list, Amazon Photos does not have a free version, but is included as an added bonus when you become an Amazon Prime subscriber , which costs about 37 euros a year . That is, if you have Amazon Prime, you have unlimited storage in Amazon Photos .

Amazon Photos makes backup copies of your photos in a similar way to how Google Photos does, being able to choose which folders you want to be included and which not and at original quality , and can also include videos.

Amazon Photos


In a somewhat more adventurous terrain we have “the Dubox cloud”, a virtually unknown application that belongs to PopIn Inc, which in turn is owned by Baidu Japan. For being so little known, it works reasonably well and allows you to automatically backup your photos (not your videos).

Unlike other apps on our list, there are no pricing plans and users receive 1 TB of free space to upload their photos or any other files. The files uploaded there can be consulted both from the app and from the web version.

The Dubox Cloud: Supports the Cloud and Information

The Dubox Cloud: Supports the Cloud and Information


Another option is to use the controversial MEGA service, which gives you 15 GB of free storage that can grow in a number of ways, such as adding your phone number to your profile. The app asks for too many permissions when you first open it, although most of them are optional and not necessary to back up your photos.

To activate camera backup, you must activate Camera uploads, which allows you to upload videos as well. In the settings you can choose to upload other folders with photos, as well as if you want the original names of the files to be kept or if you want to include location tags.




Mediafire is another cloud file hosting service that has moved to mobile and includes automatic photo syncing . The app is a bit old-fashioned in terms of its design, but it still works perfectly.

Mediafire gives 12 GB of free storage to users, with the possibility of receiving extra space. The application is a bit basic, allowing you to choose only if you want to make a copy of the camera and if you want it to be done only when connected to a Wi-Fi network.



Yandex Disk

Yandex Disk is something like the Google Photos of Russia, and it has very similar functions and even the interface is somewhat similar. This application allows you to make an unlimited backup of your photos .

An advantage of Yandex.Disk over Google Photos is that it allows you to choose the size of the cache that it stores on your mobile, although uploading videos requires going through the checkout. This cloud storage gives 10 GB free to users



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These are the best free alternatives to Google Photos… For many years, Google Photos has been one of the best options offering free unlimited photo storage. That all changes on June 1st. Any photo uploaded after that date will count towards your 15GB of free Google Drive storage. To give you additional choices offering free photo storage, we’ll countdown the Top 5 Alternatives to Google Photos.

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