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GTA V cheats and codes For PC, Xbox And PS4

When you use the dawn trick, if you land plummeting, you will do so safely. This is especially useful for long trips around the map.

Earn money faster

If you want an infinite deposit of money, wait until you have two characters at your disposal. Send one to the West Coast, which we have marked on our interactive map as ‘Cash Exploit’.

The other character must be sent to the bottom of the ocean to collect the hidden package near the sunken plane. As soon as you have taken the money change character again, each change made refills the oxygen bar and makes the money reappear again. By repeating this sequence over and over again, you can collect unlimited money.

For quick wins, place the second character near the crashed plane in the northwest section in the Paleto Bay neighborhood. The change between the two characters must be done quickly if you do not want one of them to die by drowning.

This method will take a long time to complete. You can get around a million dollars by switching between characters about eighty times, and that happens when using this method of switching between characters.

Fire through the glass

If you have a considerable star level, and the police are after you, don’t worry: GTA V cheats are there to help you. Drive as fast as you can to the vicinity of a hairdresser in Los Santos and block the door with the car you brought there. If you go to the window and shoot, your shots will reach the law enforcement officers, but theirs will be unable to pass through the glass. Use this trick to lower your star level or to charge policemen and collect their ammunition.

Get easy money early

Stealing an armored car is one way to get quick money in the first hours of play. They appear as flashing dots on the minimap as you drive around. Take out the drivers and shoot the rear doors right in the center, where the lock is, to open them. He collects the money, which is usually over $ 5,000, and then escapes from the police.

Fix your car quickly

You can quickly fix a car problem at any time during the game. Although, for that to happen, you have to have at least two characters. When the car is broken, change characters and immediately return to the first. The car will be fixed.

Get back to health instantly

Similar to the exploit we told you about just before this one, healing a character is just as easy as repairing a car. We will also need two characters for this and in the same way we will have to change from one (the one that needs to be cured) to another to immediately switch back to the first. Life will be completely restored. Of course, this GTA V cheat cannot be done with a mission started.

Upgrade weapons for free

On a mission, visit Ammu-Nation and buy a weapon and all its upgrades. Then kill yourself so that the mission fails. This will give you your money back and when you visit Ammu-Nation again, the upgrades will be marked as purchased.

Make combs

While you are driving a car you can go ‘greeting’ with a comb to anyone who crosses your path. To do this, you just have to select the ‘disarm’ option on the weapons wheel and press L1 (LB on Xbox 360). To better appreciate your charm, it is best to go in a convertible or on a motorcycle, one of the most curious GTA V tricks that have been seen so far.

Jump on the plate

After jumping with X (Xbox 360) or with SQUARE (PS3) you can launch into a plank by pressing B (Xbox 360) or CIRCLE (PS3). The higher you make it, the better. You can use it to approach people.

Extra customization

To get extra customization for the characters you have to go to the Lifeinvader social network. If you log in and start ‘stalking’ people, you can unlock new ways to customize the character. For example, if you want to get a new haircut, ‘stalk’ Kurtz Barber.

Space vehicle

Completing all the pieces of the spaceship will unlock the Space Docker, a modified buggy that features an interstellar look and even sound effects.

Slow down time when driving with all characters

If you want to use Franklin’s special ability with all the characters you just have to hold the radio wheel tight while driving. Note that it will go slower than when Franklin uses his ability, but all driving controls will still be functional.

Discount at Ammu-Nation

If players complete all shooting challenges, they will receive discounts in stores:

  • If you are bronze or better – 10% discount.
  • If you are silver or better – 15% discount.
  • All Gold – 25% off.
Quickly lose search level

We continue with the cheats of GTA V with the way to lose the level of search in the game – there are two quick ways to get it. One of them is through a Mod Shop. As soon as you do not see any officer following you, enter one and you will leave with a clean search level. The second way is by changing vehicles. When your star level rises and they start chasing you, the vehicle you are riding in becomes wanted too. A car change is a good option to lower the level. You can also lose sight of the cops driving through the train tracks. They will not follow you down that path.

The surefire way to steal the P-996 Lazer jet

Approach the military base with Franklin and at the controls of a fairly fast car with the special bar full. Drive to the front door at full speed and activate his driving skill just before going through it. Following the path, take the first right and then immediately continue to the left to drive to the jet’s runway, trying to maintain Franklin’s ability for as long as possible. This works new out of ten times once you memorize the location and without hitting a tank right next to the plane.

Tip: If you land the plane in Trevor’s hangar (not worth one you bought) place it near the back and save the game. Now, if you load it up, they’ll be inside the jet where you left it and a brand new (and undamaged) one at the hangar entrance.

All jump locations

We end this compilation of GTA V cheats with this curiosity. In the game browser you can go to to see all the points where the acrobatic jumps are located.

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