He kills his wife with heroin cereal

He kills his wife with heroin cereal

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He kills his wife with heroin cereal

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He kills his wife with heroin cereal

Posted 14 December 2021, 01: 47

A man was sentenced to life after being unmasked: his wife died of an overdose, but it was he who provoked her to live with another.

The wife allegedly asked for food one night and the husband gave her some heroin cereal.

Getty Images / iStockphoto A 36 years old, living in Davison, Michigan , was sentenced on Friday 06 last December to life in prison for killing his wife by putting heroin in her cereal. Murder which, for a long time, had passed for an accidental overdose.

One night of 2014, his wife of 36 years old would have woken up, claiming to be hungry. Her husband then allegedly prepared a bowl of cereal for her, which she began to eat before collapsing. He would then have helped her get to bed and the next morning, when she did not wake up, he would still have gone to work, says “Newsweek”. He would then have warned a neighbor to go see what was going on, as she was not responding to his messages. The latter discovered her inanimate, called for help but she died shortly after.

The coroners having discovered heroin in his blood, they concluded to an overdose. But the victim’s family did not believe this thesis, already because the victim did not take drugs. What was confirmed in 2016 by an analysis of her breast milk that she was freezing: not the slightest trace of heroin. The brother and sister of the unfortunate also explained to investigators that the husband had mentioned getting rid of his wife and that he saw another before the death of his

He received life insurance

The husband also brought this other woman under the family roof only two weeks after the death of his wife, a disappearance which had brought him back 120 00 0 dollars thanks to life insurance. The police then learned that the man had asked colleagues to help him kill his wife, either by asking them for Xanaxes or outright by promising one of them 10 00 0 dollars to get rid of it, which he had refused.

Nothing very surprising therefore that, in 2016, the death of this woman was reclassified in homicide and the husband arrested. It was during his trial that it was learned that he had put heroin in his wife’s cereals. He was therefore sentenced to life in prison for first degree murder, soliciting murder and administering a substance causing death.


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