Here is the first thing to do when you wake up to stay in shape!


Here is the first thing to do when you wake up to stay in shape! If you are used to turning on your coffee machine barely after opening your eyes in the morning, know that drinking a glass of water at room temperature will be much more beneficial to you!

Dring-dring! Like every morning, the alarm clock rings to mark the start of a new day which begins … And whether you are an early riser who manages to get out of bed at the first ring or whether you are irritated just ” at the first note of your alarm clock, the goal is the same: you have to leave Morpheus’ arms as quickly as possible!

Stretching, jogging or tirelessly scrolling through videos on TikTok until you are fed up, whatever your little morning routine, know that to stay in shape all day, it is essential to add a step to your daily routine … And rest assured, it is nothing complicated since it is simply a question of drinking a glass of water at room temperature!

Before drinking your black coffee or your tea, it is essential to hydrate yourself as soon as you wake up by drinking a large glass of water on an empty stomach! The reason ? Drinking water at room temperature eliminates all the toxins accumulated by the body during the night. Thus, drinking water, quite simply, makes it possible to expel these toxins which are particularly lodged in the intestines because of the lying position that we keep for several hours during the night! In addition, it also allows the brain to restart more quickly. Finally, water helps reactivate your body’s elimination metabolism, which results in burning calories faster when you wake up!

In short, to start the day in the best possible way, do not hesitate to place a small bottle of water on your bedside table to think about it as soon as you open your eyes!

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