Here's how happy couples resolve their differences


This is how happy couples resolve their differences

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Here’s how happy couples settle their differences

Here is how happy couples resolve their differences We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Here’s how happy couples resolve their differences Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

This is how happy couples resolve their differences

According to a recent study, happy couples, if they also argue, have their own way of resolving their conflicts.

Like all lovebirds, couples considered “happy” sometimes have to argue. However, the latter would have a way of settling their differences, as supported by a study published in the American journal Family Process.

“A confrontational approach focused on solutions”

To arrive at these surprisingly surprising results, the researchers studied two samples of supposedly happy married heterosexual couples: one composed of 30 couples aged about years and married for 9 years on average and the other including 70 couples aged 57 years and over, married for more than 40 year. Asked about the subjects that they think generate the most arguments, participants cited privacy, leisure, household chores or even health when jealousy, family or religion came at the bottom of the list.

“ Happy couples tend to take a confrontational approach focused on solutions, and that even for the subjects on which they choose to debate ”, explains Amy Rauer, associate professor of childhood and family studies behind this survey. And to specify that the couples considered as “happy” argue more about problems which can lead to concrete solutions, relegating the other problems to the background. The key to happiness according to Amy Rayer who believes that “ Concentrating on the most difficult problems to solve can damage the confidence that partners agree in a relationship. ”

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