How do I return a product that I bought on eBay? -!

How do I return a product that I bought on eBay? -!: All the details about How do I return a product that I bought on eBay? -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about How do I return a product that I bought on eBay? -!. Here’s what you need to know about How do I return a product that I bought on eBay? -!, here are the details … There are many reasons why you may have to return a product on eBay, either because you have changed your mind, you have made a mistake with the purchase, it has arrived defective or wrong or any other circumstance that You will go through the process of requesting a return on eBay. Therefore, we are going to tell you how you should do it so that this is processed correctly and in the most satisfactory way for you.

eBay Customer Guarantee

This guarantee can be requested if you do not receive the item, if it does not match the advertisement or if the seller does not comply with its return policy. Keep in mind that it applies even if it does not have a return policy or does not accept them. The reasons why the article does not match the article are usually that it has been wrong, it has arrived damaged, broken or defective.

In order to comply with the requirements of the eBay guarantee you must complete and pay for the purchase with an accepted payment method (credit or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay) and comply the requirements, including established deadlines and that the article is not excluded or is subject to additional exclusions.

You can receive a full refund including the original shipping costs if the item does not arrive or it was not available for collection, notifying within a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the actual or planned delivery or collection date. The seller will have a maximum period of 3 business days to provide tracking, delivery or refund information. If it has not responded or you do not reach an agreement, you have a minimum period of 3 business days from the date of communication and a maximum period of 21 business days to contact eBay for assistance. If there is no valid tracking information, you will be able to intervene without you having to ask for help.

The seller has the obligation to deliver the item to you in the conditions described, so if for any reason this does not coincide with the advertisement you will have the right to return it even if the seller does not accept returns, although you can reach any other agreement that interests you with this one. You have a maximum term of 30 calendar days from the actual or expected delivery date or specified by the seller to request it. The seller must also respond within a maximum period of 3 days , although there are cases in which eBay can automatically accept it on behalf of the seller.

If the item is not returned by the estimated date in the email, the request can be closed. When you receive the item, the seller must make a refund within a maximum of 2 days , otherwise eBay can do it on your behalf. You have a maximum term to contact the company if it does not want to give you your money or an agreement has not been reached, from 21 business days if the seller has not responded or 10 days if he is going to make the refund. The minimum term is 3 days.

If the seller does not comply with the policy established by him, you have the same deadlines to contact eBay from the date this procedure ends, which depends on what has been indicated in the advertisement.

You should also know that, even if the transaction meets the requirements of the eBay Customer Guarantee, if you behave fraudulent or abusive or open a claim in duplicate with other resolution methods, you may lose protection .

Misuse of warranty

It is considered improper use of this guarantee to participate in any activity that has been described in the policy on abusive behavior. If you do, you may receive a warning, your refund or request for a return will be blocked, Your claim may be blocked or you may even lose eBay’s protection coverage and your account may be suspended. It is important that you know what these behaviors consist of, although if you are doing things well you should not worry.

Are activities not allowed :

Open duplicate requests with other buyer protection programs Say no having received the item having proof of it Agree with the seller to change the value of the item and thus evade customs duties Say that the item is very different from its description without this being true Return a different item upon receipt Using or damaging an item to request your money Among other

What to have consider

There are many things you should pay attention to when requesting a return on eBay, such as the purchased items that you can deliver again and those that cannot, how many can be returned at the same time, how is the process, the expenses and deadlines that correspond in each case, among others. For this reason, we comment on some aspects that you should assess before making the final decision and that will help you to know the situation much better.

What we can and cannot return

There are certain items that are not part of the buyer protection guarantee that we must take into account. Likewise, we will not be able to return items whose policy of the seller indicates that they are not accepted , unless it has not arrived or is not what has been requested, in which case you have rights as a buyer, even if the ad indicates otherwise. In any case, you can always talk to the seller and see what you can do in a specific case.

Some of the items that cannot be returned are:

Services Digital content and intangible items Tickets or vouchers for trips Websites, domains and businesses for sale Real Estate Construction machinery Motor vehicles (including boats, motorhomes and airplanes) The other items can be returned, although it is convenient to see the ad to see if there is a policy in this regard and what it consists of to see if they adapt to your requirements in case you change your mind or something unforeseen arises.

Return costs

If the item is damaged, does not match the ad description or is defective, the seller will be responsible for these expenses. They will also have to do so if it includes a free returns policy for their customers, something that many companies with physical stores and sellers do that want the maximum satisfaction of their customers or ensure their trust. It is interesting that you know your rights as a buyer.

If you have changed your mind and the ad indicates that buyers are responsible for them, you will have to assume them . If you have to pay for them yourself, you will have to choose the desired carrier with tracking shipping or you can opt for the eBay return label for domestic shipments.

How many items can we return at once

Taking into account what the ad says, you can return one or more items. If it is about groups, batches and sets of articles you must do this with all and not just some or one. If the ad is for several items , but it does not correspond to the previous category, you will be able to choose any quantity that you consider, but you will be able to do it only once. In this way, if you decide to return less than what you have purchased and later want to do it with other products of the same purchase, you will not be allowed later. Therefore, even if you have decision-making power about what to do, you must assess it in case you are not going to do it with all the articles.

If there are several ads from the same seller , you can decide on each of them separately. In any case, it is convenient that you read their policy to see what you can do in each case, especially if you want to return them because you have changed your mind and you no longer want them.

Waiting and delivery times

Once the return has been requested, the buyer has 3 days to respond to you. Once the seller has accepted it, you will have a maximum period of 10 working days to deliver the product by means of a shipment with tracking. With the eBay tag, this information is sent automatically, otherwise you will have to add it yourself if you decide to opt for another messaging service that you trust or because you consider it cheaper or more convenient for you.

Once the seller has received the item, they will have 2 days to give you a refund of your purchase. You will know when the time comes because you can see the tracking of your shipment live.

How Return a product

To start the return process of an item purchased on eBay you must follow the following process:

Identify yourself in your account Go to Purchase History Find the item Give back Indicate the reason for your decision Accompany photos if necessary, as in case it does not match the advertisement Da to ship

Once you have done this, the seller will respond based on the reasons why you have made this decision. If the item arrives defective, damaged, broken or wrong, or if you change your mind, you can accept it by giving you a full refund, provide a partial refund and keep it, offer you an exchange or request or reject it. He can also send you a message to find out more information and reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties. You can only reject your request if you have changed your mind and do not accept returns or the period indicated in the advertisement has expired.

When the seller responds, you will receive an email with the steps you must take afterwards depending on what has been decided. Follow the instructions to send the item packing it carefully and in the state in which it has arrived. If the value is equal to or greater than 550 dolars, you must request the Delivery under signature.

Get reimbursement, step by step

If you have followed the aforementioned return instructions, which is essential to start the refund request, it will be processed within 2 business days from when the product has been returned. The steps consist mainly of ordering it on the web and sending the product correctly on the estimated date once your request has been accepted. If this is done with credit or debit card , it may take up to 30 days to appear in the statement. However, in the purchase history you will see the status or refund.

If you have sent the product and the seller has not returned the money , or simply has not responded to your request within a maximum period of 3 days, you can ask eBay for help to benefit from their protection if necessary. You have a maximum term of 21 days from the opening of the application. To do this, you must go to the Purchase History, view the details of the request or the return and click on the option Ask eBay for help.

They will review the case and respond appropriately within an estimated period of 30 hours. They will inform you about their resolution. If they close the case in your favor, you will receive the refund in a new term of 48 hours. If they do not do it and you do not agree with their decision, you can appeal and give new information in the 30 days after the case has been closed.

Check request status

You can check the status of the return request or item not received at any time with detailed information about its progress in your Purchase history . If it has been less than 3 days since you opened it, give the seller a little margin because they are usually willing to help you because this also affects their reputation, sales and they seek maximum customer satisfaction. After 3 days you can wait a little longer or ask for help.

You can also do it from this page and select the item or search for it. Once you have done it, you will find the information you want or you can make the decision that best suits you at that time. You can consult it at any time.

Also, if you want to access the shipping status of a product, you can do so in your purchase history or in the tracking code provided by the seller. This is especially interesting if the order has not reached you but the other person claims to have made it, to check if there is any delay or what happens in the specific case and thus proceed with the claim in case something does not go as expected.