How many solar panels is it advisable to install in a house? -!

How many solar panels is it advisable to install in a house? -!: All the details about How many solar panels should be installed in a house? -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about How many solar panels should be installed in a house? -!. Here’s what you need to know about How many solar panels should be installed in a house? -!, here are the details … One of the first questions that come to mind when we are considering opting for self-consumption photovoltaic is how many solar panels our home needs. The number will determine the amount of electrical energy that we can consume ourselves. Although it may seem complicated, the truth is that it is something relatively simple, but it is always advisable to ask a professional for a quote for our home.

We have to consider that, broadly speaking, we can calculate how many solar panels we need for our home, but it is important that later on it is a professional installer who analyzes in detail the consumption of the home, the orientation , if there are shady areas and a series of details that are essential. The installation of solar panels takes advantage of the sun’s energy to convert it into electricity and thus achieve a self-consumption that, in addition, has little impact on the environment .

The number of solar panels that we are going to need in a home depends on several factors. to be detailed and explained below to make an approximate preliminary calculation, although as we have already recommended, it should always be done later by a professional and / or installer .

Criteria to take into account

To make an approximate calculation of the plates plots that we are going to need in our home, we must take into account the following criteria:

Energy consumption

It is the starting point and the first aspect that we must consult. Without this data, it will be useless to make a calculation. We have to know the kWh that we consume , and if possible, discriminate that consumption during the hours of the day in which we are going to be able to obtain available solar energy , that is, during the day.

Available surface

It will be of little use to us to calculate the number of panels we need if later we will not have space to install them. One of the aspects that limits the power of the facilities are the possible shaded areas that our roof may have.

Orientation of the roof

Another important factor is the orientation and inclination of the solar panels on the roof. The more space there is facing South-East and South-West, the better. However, if it is oriented to the North less we will be able to take advantage of it.

Type of panel

If we are looking for maximum performance, we must bear in mind that monocrystalline solar panels are the ones that more efficiency they have. Other types of panels such as polycrystalline or thin-film are cheaper, but offer lower performance.

Khw that produces a solar panel

The power produced by the solar panels is measured in watts (W) . Each type of panel has a specific power that is indicated on its technical sheet. If you are wondering what power in kWh you should choose when choosing a solar panel or another, this question depends a lot on each particular case. The new materials and the latest innovations are making it possible to extract energy even on days when the weather conditions are the most optimal, although without reaching the maximum. The average power of the solar panels ranges between 250 W and 300 W of energy, but nowadays you can also see solar panels in some homes with higher powers such as 500 W.

Number of solar panels according to consumption

The number of solar panels that a home needs will depend on how much and how we consume. Next, we show you some indicative data according to the level of consumption you make: low, medium or high.

Up to 2. kWh from 2 to 4 panels From 2. 000 to 5.000 kWh from 5 to 7 panels Consumption of more than 5. 000 kWh 7 honeycombs or more To get an idea, depending on the monthly cost of your electricity bill you will need: between 3 or 4 panels for 50 dolars, from 7 to 9 for consumption of 50 to 100 dolars and more than 9 for invoices higher than 100 dolars per month. Let’s not take these estimates at face value, since we are at a time when the light is at historical highs every few days.

If you are clear about it and decide to incorporate solar energy to your home, although we ourselves can make an initial calculation, this type of installation must always be approved and proposed by a professional