How to fight against white stretch marks?

How to fight against white stretch marks?

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How to fight against white stretch marks?

How to fight against white stretch marks? We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. How to fight against white stretch marks? Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

How to fight against white stretch marks?

Whatever the causes of their appearance, stretch marks are initially red with taking a pearly white color. These marks are not painful, but often synonymous with complexes. How to prevent and mitigate them and what are the possible treatments?

If stretch marks, whether red or white, can develop at any time in your life, pregnancy is the best time to appear, especially on the belly, breasts and breasts. thighs. Women are the first to be affected, although men are also affected (to a lesser extent) by a stretch mark problem, in particular because of their rapid growth in adolescence. However, it is important to remember: in no case are they a sign of poor health.

Fortunately, these streaks are seen by many people as a sign of beauty, not a flaw. But if your stretch marks make you complex, know that they are not inevitable. There are many easy ways to erase these sometimes considered unsightly marks. White stretch marks, however, are difficult to dislodge as this shade means they are well established. However, there are treatments and treatments that allow them to fade.

What are the causes of stretch marks ?

A stretch mark is formed due to rapid and sudden stretching of the skin. The fibers of the epidermis fail to keep up with the movement, and break off, resulting in the formation of horizontal or vertical lines on the skin, which resemble scars. Most often, stretch marks that appear on different areas of the body are due to sudden weight gain, hormonal upset, or an increase in the amount of cortisol in the body. Pregnancy, combining two of these factors, is the main cause of stretch marks in women. Some are more sensitive to it than others. It must be said that the quality of the skin also plays a role in the birth of stretch marks. Indeed, a fragile, thin and lacking flexibility skin is less resistant and therefore more prone to stretch marks.

The areas most at risk are those that are most exposed to the fact of gaining weight: breasts, buttocks, thighs and stomach. Having said that, the back, legs and arms can also be affected by stretch marks. When the skin “cracks”, it is damaged and inflammation occurs, creating these famous streaks which will initially be red or purple, and sometimes a little painful. Like all scars, an itchy sensation may appear at first.

Why are my stretch marks white?

The maturation process of a white stretch mark takes several months, during which time they will gradually change color and appearance. Purplish red at birth, over the months they adopt their final shade: pearly white. They go from an inflammatory stage to a scarring stage, and in terms of appearance, there is no picture.

Without your intervention before reaching the scarring stage, white stretch marks will not go away. The skin repair process will be completed. They are like visible scars that will be difficult to remove. Absolutely painless, they are only considered unsightly by some people. Unfortunately, they are a source of complexes for most women, who find it difficult to cope with them.

How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks?

To prevent the appearance of stretch marks, particularly on sensitive areas, it is necessary to help the epidermis to be both softer and more resistant. To do this, it is advisable to hydrate your skin on a daily basis, in order to prevent damage upstream, while choosing beauty products and treatments adapted to your needs. Nourishing cream, protective vegetable oil, peeling for a new skin … The solutions are numerous and adapt to all cases.

During periods of risk, in adolescence or during pregnancy, daily hydration coupled with massages with care hydrate, soften and strengthen the epidermis. Whether you use a classic moisturizer, an oil or specifically a white anti-stretch mark treatment, prefer creams with natural active ingredients.

Among the many products recognized for strengthening the elasticity of the dermis, shea butter, cocoa butter, fruit acids or centella asiatica are among the most used. Hydroxyproline is also recommended in the prevention of stretch marks: it is an amino acid naturally present in collagen fibers that can be found in the composition of an anti-stretch mark cream.

Oils have the advantage of having an ideal texture for massages. However, the latter play a major role in limiting stretch marks. Often rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and active ingredients that promote collagen production, anti-stretch mark oils improve and tone the skin. To slow down the development of stretch marks, you can turn to several essences: sweet almond oil, argan, jojoba, rosemary, sunflower, sesame, pomegranate or even avocado.

Sports are also a great way to prevent stretch marks. Indeed, it contributes to a healthy lifestyle and in particular allows the skin to keep its elasticity by stimulating blood circulation. In addition to the many benefits we know, sport helps keep skin firm, even in the event of weight loss for example. A thirty minute session a day is more than enough to prevent stretch marks. Almost all sports activities are recommended, but in the event of pregnancy, women will rather turn to gentle sessions such as yoga or pilates, or the aquatic gym.

Note, however, that physical activity can sometimes lead to the appearance of stretch marks, regardless of any weight gain, especially if a muscle quickly gains in size, especially in the biceps and glutes. So, be careful if your choice is a weight training session.

How to naturally fade white stretch marks?

When the stretch marks have already taken on a pearly white appearance, they are old and have healed, so it is more difficult to fade them. But there are, however, a few techniques that have proven successful among consumers. For example, in order to reduce the volume or depth of your stretch marks, you can massage your skin with a homemade scrub that contains powdered sugar and a vegetable oil of your choice, preferably argan or sweet almond. Do this at least twice a week for quick and lasting results.

Among the treasures of nature, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Use it as a mask by mixing it with egg white and leave this mask on for about fifteen minutes for good hydration of the skin and action on stretch marks. Effective in daily application, massaging stretch marks with a mixture of aloe vera gel, olive oil and a few drops of vitamin E can also have convincing results while allowing your skin to be restored. Occasionally, it is possible to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by applying self-tanning products. It will attenuate light stripes so that they blend into the skin tone of the epidermis. The area can also be made up with a tinted body milk which will unify the skin texture and give it a light color, thus camouflaging the stretch marks for a few hours. But be careful, this technique allows more to hide the problem than to erase it.

What medical solutions against stretch marks?

It is important to be aware of this: white stretch marks are healed and well established. Result: natural skincare does not always work to improve their appearance. No need to take the bets: aesthetic medicine remains the most effective solution to erase white stretch marks. The results are usually proven with a before and after photo.

A vitamin A cream

For this, you will need to consult a doctor or a dermatologist who can prescribe a cream based on vitamin A. The latter has a peeling effect, that is to say, it allows to exfoliate the epidermis. thus forcing to regenerate. Very irritating, it can however cause dryness of the dermis. It will therefore be necessary in addition to hydrate regularly with a moisturizing and nourishing treatment and by adopting a daily sunscreen to preserve its beauty capital. Moreover, it is necessary to avoid any exposure to the sun after application, otherwise spots may appear on the skin. Note that only regular and long-term use of this cream will bear fruit.

Laser and stretch marks

Other medical solutions can also be used to overcome this problem. The laser technique, practiced by a dermatologist or in aesthetic medicine, allows the majority of visible scars to be erased in several sessions, including traces of stretch marks by promoting cell renewal. Note that laser sessions require special precautions for your health and work better on fair skin than on dark skin.

The LEDs

Another option: light pulses by LED, also called pulsed light. These concentrate an important heat to reduce marks, promote the production of collagen and stimulate the epidermis to make it more resistant and more flexible. Partly inspired by nature and photosynthesis, one session of this LED-based treatment will not be enough. It will take several to see the first results.

What about cosmetic surgery?

Finally, in the event of particularly unsightly stretch marks, a request for cosmetic reconstructive surgery can be made and possibly covered by social security at 17% depending on the cause. It can be a treatment based on local injections or removal of the skin from the affected area.

However, these treatments are often heavy and require special care as well as several sessions to have a convincing result. They are obviously to be avoided if you are e pregnant or are already undergoing medical treatment. Your doctor or dermatologist can direct you to the most suitable solution for you, and monitor the evolution of your stretch marks throughout the treatment.

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