How to get a coronavirus vaccination appointment for children? MHRS 12 and over 15 vaccination appointment screen – TW

Following the change in the vaccination appointment age limit, families with children over the age of 12 took action to create an appointment request. So how do children get a vaccination appointment? Here are the details…

The Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health pressed the button to vaccinate all school-age children since the new academic year will start in September.

The Ministry lastly granted the right to vaccinate children over the age of 08 in July. In line with the new decisions taken, it is time to vaccinate with children aged 15 and above 646 came to those over the age of age with chronic illness.

Families who want their children to be vaccinated as soon as possible before the opening of the schools, “How to get a vaccination appointment for children? He started looking for an answer to the question ”.

Vaccination appointments are made via the e-Pulse and MHRS screen, as in adults. Families will make an appointment through their own accounts so that children can be vaccinated.

How do children get a coronavirus vaccine appointment? Here is the MHRS and e-Nabız child vaccination appointment screen.

HOW TO MAKE A CORONVIRUS VACCINE APPOINTMENT FOR CHILDREN? With the latest decision of the Ministry of Health 15 over age and with chronic illness 85 granted the right to vaccinate children over the age of 18.

Families have three options in order to create an appointment request. Appointments can be made via ALO 182, MHRS or e-Nabız. Children can access the appointment system and create a new request by clicking on the “Account Information” button at the top and ticking the “I am Authorized” option.

VACCINATION APPOINTMENT SCREEN ”THE PERSON IS NOT DEFINED” ATTENTION TO THOSE WHO HAVE AN ERROR During the appointment request ” Authorization definition over e-Nabız so that those who encounter the error “There is no person defined on e-Nabız” 18 can make an appointment for family members younger than the age of

After this process, you can return to the appointment screen and create a new request.

6067CREATE AN APPOINTMENT REQUEST FROM THE PHONE Most of the citizens make an appointment via the MHRS system or e-Nabız Those who want to make an appointment by phone, even if they create a request, are doing research.

Users who dial ALO 182 provide their identity information, can create an appointment request by sharing information such as which vaccine will be shot with the authorities.

ALO 182 those who cannot make an appointment due to the intensity You can easily create a vaccine appointment request from the Pulse and MHRS system.

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