How to keep our Wallbox chargers in good condition -!

How to keep our Wallbox chargers in good condition -!: All the details about How to keep our Wallbox chargers in good condition -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about How to keep our Wallbox chargers in good condition -!. Here’s what you need to know about How to keep our Wallbox chargers in good condition -!, Here are the details … In the same way that happens with our mobile phones and other everyday devices, electric car accessories, such as the Wallbox chargers, also require care . This is that, beyond the use of the vehicle itself and its maintenance, we also have to preserve the elements that are part of it. For this, and for you to take care of them in the best way, we give you a series of tips.

Chargers also need to be protected

Why wouldn’t you leave your smartphone in the sun or under a snowfall for a long time ? Well, you have to take the same precaution with your electric car because extreme temperatures and humidity greatly affect lithium-ion batteries. Both cold and heat can degrade the components and, in addition, in the case of heat, it will also affect autonomy.

This is something important for the user of the electrified vehicle, a guideline that we must always keep in mind. However, the truth is that we must also do the same with the equipment and accessories that surround it. And there, the Wallbox system chargers also need to be protected.

All with the premise that they are in good condition so that they continue providing everything we seek with them, while not losing performance for reasons as basic as care. Because if; The battery depends most of the performance that we can have with our electric car.

What can we do

About the above, These are the recharging times, the autonomy of the car, the final weight and, ultimately, the use that we make of the vehicle during the day to day. The battery has the mission of supplying energy to the electric motor so that it generates movement, fulfilling the same function as an engine in a gasoline or diesel car.

Therefore, the electric car battery represents the most important cost of a vehicle and its care is essential to prolong its useful life. That is why we have to look carefully for its conservation , and on this dictate the elements such as the chargers of the Wallbox system.

In In this sense, it must be connected to an electrical panel to receive electricity and have a series of safety elements, such as the circuit breaker , which is sometimes not included in the price of the charger. In addition, the electrical cable used for the connection must be dimensioned – that is, larger diameter – for the load power. The higher the power, the more expensive the cable will be.

It is important to note here that having a large capacity battery contributes to slower degradation. The higher the capacity, the fewer the cycles it will have to perform to deliver the same amount of energy. That is, fewer cycles will have to be made to travel the same number of kilometers. This would explain why the first generation electric cars had such marked degradations. Therefore, and in the same way as the units themselves, the best recommendation in this regard is that we do not abuse the loading equipment too much so that they do not lose effectiveness either.

Its condition will also give the car a good useful life

Towards this, it is known that an electric is cheaper to maintain than the rest of the traditional internal combustion models. Mainly because they have fewer elements subject to wear and in general, with much fewer parts that can break down.

As such, the battery does not require maintenance (usually), although actions can be taken to ensure that it is in optimal condition for better and longer life. Among them, what they have to do with the charging system through chargers, whether they are Wallbox type or domestic Schuko.

That is why manufacturers of these teams also recommend that both the chargers and the car itself be sheltered (if it is in your own garage, the better). This is for the simple reason of the temperatures: whether it is extreme cold or sultry heat, in the long run it could also cause the final charging performance to not be the same, causing the vehicle not to get the energy it needs. ,