How to open Control Panel in Windows 10

Tutorial to enter the Control Panel in Windows 10, 8 or 7 in different ways.

Without a doubt the Control Panel is the option of Windows 10 that most helps us to our task not only as administrators but as users of the Windows platform. Having our computer properly managed is important and that is why Control Panel is one of those essential functions on a PC with Windows 10.

This section contains multiple options and surely you have had to enter it many times. The problem or drawback is that the best known of Windows is now somewhat complex to find due to the change of interface of the most recent updates, losing some more than others.

We have all used the control Panel at some point in our lives, whether to change the desktop background, add a user, uninstall a program, etc, One of the utilities used thanks to its versatility and multiple access options is the control Panel in the Windows operating systems because thanks to him we have access to the configuration, management and control of multiple parameters of the system:

Control Panel categories

System and security
From this category we can review options such as updates, backups, problems with Windows 10, etc.

Networks and Internet
Through this option we can configure everything related to the household group and the network parameters of our system.

Hardware and sound
Using this option we can edit the parameters of screen, power, printers, etc.

It is perhaps one of the options that we use most since from there we can install or remove programs, features, establish programs, etc.Thanks to this option we have the possibility to uninstall programs from the system, add or remove features, define default programs, among others.

User accounts
With this option we can adjust the parameters of the active users in the system, in addition we can create or delete users.

Appearance and customization
From this option we will be able to edit parameters related to the screen, the fonts, change the themes of Windows 10, modify screensavers, etc.

Clock, language and region
With this alternative we can adjust the regional settings, set the language of Windows 10, adjust the system date, among others.

With accessibility we can edit the behavior of the mouse, improve the options of the screen and everything related to access in Windows 10.

Having already a global idea of all the great features that the control panel has in Windows 10 we will review the ways how we can access it.

1. Open Windows 10 Control panel with key combination

Using the combination shown below will display the Run option. There we must enter the term control panel or control only and press Enter or Accept. This will open the control panel in Windows 10.

2. Open Windows 10 Control Panel in search

We can use the search box in Windows 10 by entering the term panel and selecting from the options displayed Control Panel.

open-control-panel-in-windows-10 3.jpg



3. Open Windows 10 Control Panel in the Start menu

Another alternative that we can use to open the control panel is through the start menu, to do this press the button, select the option “All applications “and in the tab” Windows System “select”Control Panel”.

open-control-panel-in-windows-10 4.jpg


4. Open Windows 10 Control panel with right click on Start Menu

Another option to open the control panel from the start menu is by right-clicking on the Windows menu button and from the drop-down list choose Control Panel.


open-control-panel-in-windows-10 5.jpg



5. Open Windows 10 Control panel with key combination 2

Step 1

We can use the key combination below to display the following window:

+ I






open-control-panel-in-windows-10 6.jpg



Step 2

In the search box enter “Panel “and from the displayed options select” Control Panel” to be able to access it.

open-control-panel-in-windows-10 7.jpg



6. Create a shortcut to the Windows 10 Control Panel

Step 1

There is the possibility to create a shortcut on the Windows 10 desktop to access the control panel, for this we will right click on the desktop and select New / Shortcut and we will enter one of the following two values or path:
explorer Shell: ControlPanelFolder
open-control-panel-in-windows-10 8.jpg


Step 2

Click Next and assign a name to our shortcut.

open-control-panel-in-windows-10 9.jpg


Step 3

We click on Finish and we will see our shortcut and by pressing double click we will access the control panel.

open-control-panel-in-windows-10 10.jpg



7. Pin Control panel to taskbar

Step 1

To quickly access the control panel we can anchor the panel to the taskbar, for this we will open the start menu, locate the Control Panel and right click.

open-control-panel-in-windows-10 11.jpg


Step 2

Select the option “Pin to taskbar” and in this way we will see the icon of access to the control panel in our taskbar (last icon from left to right).

open-control-panel-in-windows-10 12.jpg



Step 3

With these options we can access the control panel in our Windows 10 operating system. Let’s see that Windows 10 is gradually replacing the control panel with the Configuration application, but hopefully time will tell us what happens.

open-control-panel-in-windows-10 13.jpg


8. Open Control Panel with Windows 10 File Explorer

This option allows us to access the Control Panel is enabled from the File Explorer and for this it will be necessary to edit a system registry so we must be careful not to affect a different registry since we can damage the stability of the operating system.

Step 1

We access the registry editor using the following key combination:

+ R


Step 2

Now in the displayed window enter the regedit command and press Enter or Accept.In the displayed window we will go to the following route:



Step 2

It will be necessary to create a new key inside the folder “NameSpace”, to do this we will right click on this folder and select the option ” New / Key”:



Step 3

There we have two key options according to the desired type of view of the Control Panel:
Category view (default): We’ll create the key {26EE0668-A00A-44D7-9371-BEB064C98683}
Large icon view: We’ll create the key {21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}






Step 4

Now we can go to the file explorer of Windows 10 and there we will see in the option “Devices and drives” the direct access to the Control Panel. There we can right click on it and create the shortcut in the taskbar as we indicated above.

9. Open Control Panel from Windows 10 File Explorer path

To open the Control Panel we can also resort to using the paths of location of directories and files that appear in the windows of the File Explorer. Putting the given commands performs the same function as the Run window.

In this case to open the Control Panel, we will only have to type the control command and press Enter to open the control panel window.



Let’s make use of these powerful options to configure and edit the various parameters of our Windows 10 system based on the necessary requirements.


How to prohibit access to the Control Panel using GPO
Thanks to this tutorial you will learn how to restrict access to the Control Panel on Windows computers through group policies to avoid changes or alterations.

10. Open Control Panel with Cortana Windows 10

One of the options with which we have support in Windows 10 is Cortana, Microsoft’s assistant.

Step 1

Once Cortana is configured, click on the bottom Cortana icon and then use the microphone icon to start listening to you. Then tell him to open the Control Panel.

11. Open Control panel with shortcut Windows 10

Step 1

To create the shortcut we will go to any empty space on our desktop. Now right click and click on “New-Shortcut”.

Step 2

In this window you have to type the following path command:
Explore Shell: ControlPanelFolder

Step 3

In the next window we will put a name that in this case we will designate as “Control Panel”.

Step 4

Now we will see the shortcut icon created on the Desktop.

12. Open Control panel with custom shortcuts Windows 10

Taking advantage of the creation of the shortcut in the previous section, we will assign a custom shortcut keys to open with the keys we want. For this we will use the previous shortcut.

Step 1

Once we have the shortcut created Control Panel, we will right click on it and click on “Properties”.

Step 2

Now we will go to the “Shortcut key” section and press the keys that we want to be assigned to it.

13. Open Control panel with Windows 10 commands

Step 1

Let’s see how to open Control Panel from Windows Powershell or from CMD.

Open Control Panel from CMD

The first thing will be to open the command console:

We will type one of the following commands and pressing Enter will open the control panel.:

Control panel

Open Control Panel from PowerShell
The first step will be to open the PowerShell terminal as follows:

How to open PowerShell on Windows 10
Tutorial with video to open and run the PowerShell console in Windows 10 plus see the differences with the Command Prompt.

Inside the terminal we will enter some of these commands and then the Enter button to open the Control Panel.

Control panel

14. Open Control panel with with Task Manager Windows 10

Step 1

First we open the Task Manager:

How to open Task Manager Windows 10

How to open Windows 10 Task Manager with different ways. Includes video with all shapes.

Step 2

Next you will click on the option “File ” – “Run new task”.

Step 3

Now we will type the following command and press OK or the Enter button to open the Control Panel.

With these powerful options we have several opportunities to configure and edit the various parameters of our Windows 10 system based on the necessary requirements.

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