How to Reset and reinstall Google Chrome on Windows 10

If you’re having trouble with Google Chrome because it’s slow or bad find out how you can factory reset or reinstall Chrome on Windows 10.

We browse the internet in search of information, news, solutions, entertainment… There is no doubt that every day we access the web most of us for some of these things. That is why having a good browser is usually quite important since we all like that our experience on the net is pleasant. The number of browsers we can use is quite wide, but the truth is that one of the most used is Google Chrome.

Sometimes we can find problems with our browser such as Google Chrome and we go crazy trying to find a solution. But the truth is that many times the simplest method is the most effective as reinstalling or restoring it as factory and not lose our information.

We may experience slowdowns in Chrome or see that apps or add-ons have made changes to your settings without your permission. Any minimum symptom of having malware in our browser is a good reason to reset or reinstall Chrome from Windows 10. That is why below we are going to show you a series of solutions that you can carry out to try to solve this.

1. Cómo reinstalar Google Chrome en Windows 10

We open Control Panel from any of these options:


Step 2

Click on the “Uninstall a program”option.

Step 3

We go into the option of “Uninstall a program”or “Programs and Features”.

Step 4

We look for the Google Chrome program (the list should appear sorted in alphabetical order) and click on “Uninstall””

Step 5

It will ask us if we want to delete browsing data, this is necessary to completely delete Google Chrome.

Step 6

If we want all the information from Google Chrome to disappear we must open the Control Panel and go to the “View” option at the top. There you must activate the option of “Hidden Elements”.

Step 7

Now we go to the next path where we will see the program files thanks to the previous activation.

C:\Users\”usario”\AppData\Local\Google\ChromeC:\Program Files\Google\ChromeC:\Documents and Settings\“usario”\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome

Step 8

We will delete the contents of the “Chrome ” folder.

Step 9

Now we would only have to go to the official Google page and download the browser


2. How to Reset Google Chrome on Windows 10

Sometimes the browser can give us certain problems, especially if it has been loaded with malicious content so it is advisable to reset it to default. Note that once you reset a series of changes would occur:

  • Information that is reset in Chrome
  • Default search engine
  • Fixed tabs
  • Cookies and website data
  • Default homepage and home tabs
  • The “New tab”page
  • Extensions and themes
  • Internal settings such as microphone usage permissions, location, or pop-up panels.

Step 1

Open Chrome and go to the top right by clicking on “More” > Settings.

Step 2

Scroll to the bottom and select the “Advanced Settings” option.

Step 3

We will go to the option of “Recover settings and delete “and inside we will have the option of” Reset” to leave the original values.

Step 4

We return to accept the option to Reset the browser.

3. How to fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error in Chrome

You may not want to completely reset your browser as what is happening to your browser is that it is experiencing the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error and you want to try different ways to fix this error without having to perform the reset process.

In these cases there are different options to try to solve this problem. These actions focus on:

  • Check internet connections
  • Validate VPN connections
  • Check Firewall settings
  • Disable antivirus
  • Check LAN settings
  • Reset TCP / IP settings
  • Increase MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)

To know how to take all these solutions step by step, below you will find a link in which each of them is explained step by step.

4. How to speed up Chrome to the max without programs

Another of the options that we have in the event that we are experiencing that the browser goes slow, is to enable different configurations to speed up Chrome and thus get the navigation through the browser is faster. There are different options that can help improve speed and even solve different problems you are experiencing.

  1. Speed up Chrome from the customization menu
  2. Update Chrome to speed it up
  3. Disable unwanted processes to speed up Chrome
  4. Search for malicious software on your computer to speed up Chrome

If you want to know how to carry out all these processes, the following link explains all the steps you must follow to know how to perform each of these configurations.

In the event that you prefer to see all this visually in a video, you will also be able to do so by entering the following YouTube link.



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