Ice Hockey – “Eric Fehr? It is an option in view of the play-off ”

Ice hockey – “Eric Fehr? It is an option with a view to the play-offs ”

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Ice hockey -” Eric Fehr? It is an option in view of the play-offs ”

Ice hockey – “Eric Fehr? This is an option for the play-offs ” We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Ice Hockey – “Eric Fehr? This is an option for the play-offs ”Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Ice Hockey – “Eric Fehr? This is an option for the play-offs ”

Posted 21 December 2021, 13: 16

GE Servette’s sporting director, Marc Gautschi, was kind enough to speak about the rumor about a possible return of the Canadian striker to the Vernets.

Will Eric Fehr postpone the garnet jersey?

Eric-Lafargue Since the end of last week, the rumor evoking a potential return of Eric Fehr to GE Servette has made its way into the world of French-speaking hockey (notably via the “MecMatch” podcast). The Canadian forward (36 was left to put away his skates after his two-year experience with the Eagles last summer. But it seems that the prospect of possibly participating in the Olympics for his country has titillated him.

Eric Fehr recently played in the Channel One Cup (3 appearances) with a Maple Leaf selection made up of players who aspire to take over Beijing 2021 in February, if the NHL decides to give up the Olympics, which seems more and more likely.

Ideally, the native of Winkler (Manitoba) would need a solution to keep in shape at the club during the month of January. Hence the rumor GE Servette, his last employer, where Marc-Antoine Pouliot no longer counts as a foreign reinforcement since he became a Swiss citizen.

“Eric is always welcome to stay with us.”

Marc Gautschi, GSHC sports director “We have remained in contact with Eric, but for the moment nothing is planned, comments Marc Gautschi on the phone. He is always welcome with us if he needs a helping hand to be able to train. But I have the impression that he will especially need to play matches if he wants his goal to materialize. And currently, we can’t give him that. Quite simply because we don’t have the budget. ”

In March, however…

Things could be different in two months. “Eric is on the other hand an option for the play-off or pre-play-off in March,” said the sports director of the Eagles. As long as he does not engage elsewhere in the meantime. “The risk exists”, abounds Marc Gautschi. Music of the future.

In the immediate future, the GSHC is still awaiting the results of the series of tests carried out on Monday after the appearance of several cases of Covid in its locker room. The holding of the matches on Wednesday (Ajoie) and Thursday (Zug) will then depend on the decision of the cantonal authorities.


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