Ice hockey – The LHC is making a fool of itself in Rapperswil

Ice hockey – The LHC is ridiculous in Rapperswil

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Ice hockey – The LHC is ridiculous in Rapperswil

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Ice hockey – The LHC is making a fool of itself in Rapperswil

Posted 12 December 2021, 22: : 04

Beaten 7-0 on Monday, Lausanne was taken for a ride in Rapperswil and was no match for the Saint-Welsh team. The Lions host the HC Bienne on Wednesday.

Andrew Rowe (front) and Rapperswil put poverty on the LHC of Justin Krueger and Luca Boltshauser.

Thomas Oswald / freshfocus Terrible to say, but in the end, the people of Lausanne did almost well. Archi-dominated, often unable to get out of their defense zone for very, very long stretches, they only lost “only” 7-0 to Rapperswil. John Fust’s team, faced with the “game” and tactical mastery of the formation led by Swede Stefan Hedlund, experienced a void. Goals, she could have conceded a dozen …

There was absolutely nothing good Monday night in the LHC game. Not even a touch of rebellion, if not a fight won by a very angry Cody Almond at the end of the match. The Lions were eaten raw in the middle zone and especially in the rounded corners of their defense zone, where Rappi wandered around and especially had a good time. Rarely so far this season has the LHC been so “spinning around”.

“Rappi” is having fun, dark Lausanne

The Saint-Gallois were thus able to calmly take off thanks to the successes of Rowe (8th, 1-0), Aebischer (25 e, 2-0) and Albrecht in power play (27 e, 3-0). The other goals, until the final 7-0, fell at regular intervals in the third period …

For the Vaudois, this defeat is particularly bitter in the sense that it has confronted them with their limits, both offensive and defensive, against a formation that performs quickly and well. How could the Lions have had to wait until e minute to create their first cutting opportunity (Riat alone against goalkeeper Nyffeler) and that their only scoring chances – still on a counterattack – came from a few losses of puck of the Saint – Gallois in the offensive phase? Faced with this well-established Rapperswil, Lausanne created nothing on its own.

Place at HC Bienne Wednesday

For John Fust and his troops, all that remains is to turn the page on this non-match and to prepare to welcome HC Bienne on Wednesday. A team which also likes to keep the puck, like “Rappi”, but which, unlike the Saint-Gallois, is not particularly sharp lately.

Anyway, the LHC will have to considerably raise its level of play against the Seelandians and show a completely different face than that of Monday night. A simple matter of pride, in short.

St. Galler Kantonalbank Arena. 3571 spectators.

Referees: MM. Stolc, Urban, Gnemmi and Burgy.

Goals: 8th Rowe (Lammer, Maier) 1-0, 25 e Aebischer (Dünner) 2-0, 27 e Albrecht (Cervenka, Profico / 5 c 4) 3-0, 51 e Forrer (Neukom) 4-0, 55 e Mitchell (Dünner / 5 c 4) 5-0, 56 e Brüschweiler (Wetter) 6-0, 58 e Mitchell 7-0.

Rapperswil: Nyffeler; Vouardoux, Djuse; Jelovac, Profico; Aebischer, Maier; Bircher; Wick, Dünner, Forrer; Cervenka, Albrecht, Lammer; Eggenberger, Rowe, Brüschweiler; Wetter, Mitchell, Neukom. Trainer: Hedlund.

Lausanne: Boltshauser; Heldner, Frick; Marti, Genazzi; Krueger, Gernat; Oejdemark; Maillard, Emmerton, Sekac; Bertschy, Fuchs, Riat; Frolik, Baumgartner, Bozon; Almond, Jäger, Douay; Holdener. Trainer: Fust.

Penalties: 3 x 2 ‘+ 1 x 5’ (Eggenberger) + match penalty (Eggenberger) against Rapperswil, 2 x 2 ‘+ 1 x 5’ (Almond) + match penalty ( Almond) against Lausanne.

Notes: Rapperswil without Baragano, Lehmann, Moses, Sataric or Zangger (injured). Lausanne without Stephan (injured), Kenins (sick) or Glauser (private reasons). Shots on the post: Lammer (20 e), Rowe (41 e).

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