If You Can’t Get Hydrated, 7 Common Mistakes Are Why

How many glasses of water do you drink a day? Here’s why 8 glasses won’t help if you’re commiting these hydration mistakes on a daily basis.

If You Can’t Get Hydrated, 7 Common Mistakes Are Why

So our bodies are made up of about 60 water and drink enough throughout the

The day is essential for radiant skin, maintaining a healthy weight and

eliminating toxins from the body, but getting enough fluids is much more

than simply drinking eight glasses of water a day

make sure you don’t make these mistakes

you are drinking water after your workouts, although it is true that drinking

water after going to the gym helps with hydration is also important

drink enough before and during exercise if you start

your almost dehydrated training will even lose

more fluid while training and can be dangerous to your health

but if you don’t have to stick to water alone to restore fluid balance

coco drinks black and green tea and even chocolate

milk is also moisturizing, you think coffee and tea don’t count

your morning cup of coffee or tea can serve as a little hydration

Drink, although these drinks mainly contain caffeine.

they still add up to the amount of fluids you eat every day

drinking about three cups of coffee a day will keep you as hydrated as

drinking only water according to a study of

United Kingdom is eating very little salt though a

A diet high in sodium can dehydrate the body.Sodium is compatible with the fluid balance of the

body we naturally lose sodium and other trace elements through sweat

so both water and sodium must be replaced

you’re drinking eight glasses of water a day

this popular advice is not always accurate

the amount of water we need depends on different lifestyle factors

like how physically active we are what we eat

where we live and our age, to name a few, to calculate the amount of water

the body needs to take its weight in pounds and multiply it by 0.67

or two-thirds that will tell you how many ounces of water you need a day

if you are quite active and exercise 30 minutes a day

add 12 ounces to your total if you exercise for 45 minutes

add an extra 18 ounces you’re drinking a glass of water first thing in the day

In the morning we lose body fluids during sleep and

even if we drink enough before bedtime

we will be thirsty the next morning, but we will drink running water in a

the stomach is not the most effective way to hydrate

it is easier for our bodies to absorb and retain water

when there are other nutrients present, so if you are trying to keep your fluid

Balance drinking your water with a snack or taking a

Glass of orange juice or milk instead you’re skipping the water

during your workouts when we exercise, our bodies lose

water through sweat and breathing staying hydrated during a

Exercise is important to regulate your body.

Temperature fitness experts recommend drinking 7 to 10 ounces every 10 to 20

minutes during the exercise you’re forgetting

foods rich in water, many fruits and vegetables count for

your total fluid intake, some of them like watermelon tomatoes

and cucumbers are also rich in potassium which helps

your body stays hydrated longer

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