Impress! Unveil a powerful feature of Apple Glasses -!

Impress! They reveal a powerful feature of Apple Glasses -!: All the details about Impress! Unveil a powerful feature of Apple Glasses -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Impress! They reveal a powerful feature of Apple Glasses -!. Here’s what you need to know about Impress! They reveal a powerful feature of Apple Glasses -!, Here are the details … What before was more an estimate mixed with the wishes of many, seems little by little to begin to be done reality. And, according to the latest leaks, in a year we could already officially know the first AR glasses from Apple , either in the purest format of glasses or helmet of mixed reality . For this reason, more and more characteristics are being revealed that could be incorporated and that, at least on paper, point to be quite interesting.

The last we have heard has been thanks to PatentlyApple, an expert medium in discovering Apple’s registrations in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Specifically, they have detailed up to five documents that describe how this device would be able to know what we are looking at , something that far from seeming obvious, requires some technologies and quite complex developments.

Apple invents a complex detection system

The first thing you should know is that, at least for now, the documents registered by Apple have not yet been approved. However, it is a matter of time before they are when dealing with bureaucratic red tape. In any case, they serve as a sample of the progress being made by the Californian company.

These documents reveal a series of systems that, through the pupil scan , they could know exactly where we are looking. And being also able to analyze the depth of the gaze, it is estimated that the system could know at what point we are looking with almost millimeter accuracy.

Extract from one of the patents

We will have to see how Apple integrates this in real life. That is, in what way can it be more or less useful. At first, it opens up a wide range of possibilities, from being able to play video games with just your gaze to being able to perform actions in augmented reality environments such as measuring a certain area.

Of course You have to be clear about something, and it is that in the end patents do not always mean that what is described ends up becoming a reality. Either due to development problems or any other issue that may even address commercial reasons, the company can discard it completely or launch it after a few years. Therefore, we cannot affirm that Apple’s first AR / VR device is going to incorporate it, although according to what analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo or Mark Gurman have commented, it seems that something like this will end up arriving.

When will we officially know something about this product?

If you know a little about Apple’s strategies, you will know since the company discloses few things in advance. In fact, not even in the foreseeable iPhone presentation events they previously say what the iPhone will present, being confirmed only at the time that event is being held. Therefore, it would be a major surprise if the company or a spokesperson revealed this product ahead of time.

What we do have are some indications and forecasts that make us anticipate that it will be in the WWDC 2022 of the month of June when they already announce something . At least the software that they will carry, since it is expected that the developers get down to work as soon as possible to prepare tools and applications for this new line of products. The final release to the public would already be by the end of the year if all goes well, but it is not ruled out that it will finally end up in the first quarter of 2023. Therefore, the countdown has already started.