In Paris, the POPB, the rock arena with green lawns -!


Summer series Our favorite cultural places “My favorite cultural place” (24 / 24). The Parisian hall, which has become the Accor Arena, has long been the musical temple where we went to commune with our favorite groups. Article reserved for subscribers The Accor Arena concert hall in Paris. URMAN / DALLE APRF From memory, this was not the concert of the century. A sound set too loud, a painful opening act by German gothic-new wave band Belphegor, and starring, U2 for the second part of the European tour The Unforgettable Fire. The memory of a Bono in small vocal form and of a band that, this 10 February , had not yet achieved the precision and scenic power of his subsequent tours. That, nobody could guess it, and at 14 years, the wonder of this first rock mass had erased many imperfections anyway. What was certain, however, was that the POPB as it was then called – before the mercantile laws of “naming” transformed the Parisian room years later into an AccorHotels Arena and now into an Accor Arena – was going to become THE temple. musical where we were going to come and commune with our favorite bands and artists. Inaugurated a year earlier, almost to the day (on February 3 1984, a few days after the Zenith), the covered arena in eastern Paris, with its green vertical lawns, its red seating stands and its huge pit, made for sweating in crowds, had all of the ideal setting for hosting major tours. Of those which offer room for ambitious scenographies and dedicate the most “selling” artists. A ritual of passage There was the ritual of tickets, more expensive than elsewhere and sometimes only for sale on site; those hours of queuing to be sure to snatch the best seats packed well in front – all of this happens before the era of numbered digital tickets; and inside, a beautiful atmosphere of a football stadium, the olas in the aisles, the advertisements for Yop on the screens, the mixed smell of tobacco and promiscuity, and the rumbling of the feet which stamp when the groups come together. keep waiting. The Anglo-Saxon pop rock mythology had consecrated rooms such as Madison Square Garden in New York or Wembley Arena in London, Paris finally acquired a modern Arena which remains, even today, a ritual of passage, despite the multiplication XXL size venues. Read also: In Paris, 5 000 people vibrate to the rhythms of Indochina to establish a health protocol… and for pleasure Cold and soulless room, sound system scrambles… the POPB, pardon the AccorArena we don’t get used to it, don’t just have fans. And to recognize that we love its gigantism is to pass for someone who prefers to run the supermarkets rather than the aisles of an organic supermarket. Since its opening, the room has unfortunately lost a little of its uniqueness. It has grown and gentrified to stick to the standards of global entertainment – champagne bars, comfortable and harmless black armchairs, VIP boxes… – and to justify tickets at ever higher prices. You have 15. 01% of this article to read. The rest is for subscribers only. You can read The World on one device at a time This message will appear on the other device. Discover multi-account offers Because another person (or you) is reading Le Monde with this account on another device. You can only read Le Monde on one device at a time (computer, phone or tablet). How can I no longer see this message? By clicking on “” and making sure that you are the only person to consult Le Monde with this account. What will happen if you keep reading here? This message will appear on the other device. The latter will remain logged in with this account. Are there any other limits? No. You can sign in with your account on as many devices as you want, but using them at different times. Don’t you know who the other person is? We recommend that you change your password. Source:


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