Is there DVB-T3? Beware of the supposed new DTT standard -!

Is there DVB-T3? Beware of the supposed new DTT standard -!: All the details about Is there DVB-T3? Beware of the supposed new DTT standard -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Is there DVB-T3? Beware of the supposed new DTT standard -! Here’s what you need to know about Is there DVB-T3? Beware of the supposed new DTT standard -!, Here are the details … The current DTT in Spain uses the DVB-T standard. Through it, we see the channels in SD using the MPEG2 codec , and in HD thanks to the MPEG4 codec . However, in the coming years it is very possible that we will begin to receive channels through the DVB-T2 standard, so it will be mandatory to update to new televisions and decos in order to see him. However, there are some vendors who are trying to “skip the line” by promising DVB-T3 .

This trick is being used by many to try to sell decos and antennas compatible with TDT . By law they can not be sold and say that they are not compatible with DVB-T2 , so whatever we buy will work with the new standard. However, what you have to look at is that the deco has 4K output and HEVC decoding , since it is the possible codec that will be used in the future for the broadcasts of these contents.

Decos DVB-T2: they may be needed soon

So there are many DVB-T2 decos that only offer Full HD resolution. This makes them cheaper, but buying one that is DVB-T3 does not make any sense because the standard does not exist. DVB announced a few weeks ago that it is already working on the future standard for terrestrial DTT broadcasts, but neither the name is known nor we will know anything official about it probably for a few years.

In stores like Amazon we find complete DVB-T2 decos for prices around 20 dolars for Full HD models. Many of them even still have a scart, allowing you to watch DTT even on old tube televisions, or on the flat ones that were launched before the introduction of HDMI.

They say that they carry DVB-T3, but It’s a lie

However, there are others that cost 30 or 40 dolars that have « DVB-T3 »in the name of the advertisement, but even in the photos we can see that, obviously, they only support DVB-T2. Ads for these types of products tend to be short-lived, and therefore have few opinions. If we look at the two best positioned on Amazon currently, we see that there are no opinions. As soon as they start receiving negative reviews, they delete them.

Therefore, it is important that you do not fall into the trap of buying these decoders believing that you are going to get more functionality or that you are going to be better prepared for facing future changes in the emission standard. If you want to make sure that you will continue to watch DTT, it is best to wait and see what the Government of Spain decides to do with the jump to DVB-T3. By January 1, 2023 , all DTT channels will be HD , so if you still use an SD deco, the best thing is to buy one prepared for DVB-T2, since there is no option to buy one that only works with DVB-T.