It boasts of having a GPU farm mining cryptocurrencies and it turns out badly: they find its location on the Internet -!

He claims to have a farm of GPUs mining cryptocurrencies and it goes wrong: on the Internet they find his location -!: All the details about He boasts of having a farm of GPUs mining cryptocurrencies and he fails: on the Internet they find his location -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about It boasts of having a farm of GPUs mining cryptocurrencies and it turns out badly: on the Internet they find its location -!. Here’s what you need to know about You boast of having a GPU farm mining cryptocurrencies and it turns out badly: they find your location on the Internet -!, Here are the details … The shortage of semiconductors affects all sectors that need chips and derivatives and has no easy solution. However, other problems are added to the graphics card market, such as speculators and massive buyers for mining farms. There are people who are proud to have one, like Jaxson Davidson did on Twitter showing a third of his, made up almost entirely of RTX 3070 from Nvidia.

Although he has every right to proudly share his properties, he was rained down on Twitter by a sea of ​​criticism, because to acquire so many graphics cards in this context responds to practices speculative , both for buying in the secondary market and above all for the possibility of buying with bots the little stock that there is. Davidson says he bought them on eBay from resellers. Be that as it may, the Internet not only criticizes, the Internet unfortunately does not forgive. And we see it in how the story ended.

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The backfire

Davidson’s original tweet, with the controversial video (played more than three million times).

Shortly after the video was published, on Twitter they were investigating where this cryptocurrency mining farm could be, and not only did they find the place, but they say doing it was as easy as doing three Google searches . What they discovered was that it was in a data center, whose address they shared:

The capture tweet encouraged going to the data center to “get your GPUs for free” . That is, joke or not, they are encouraging looting. And it is one of the great problems of the crypto world: no matter how much the blockchain is decentralized and occurs on the network, to support it, physical farms like this are needed, which today have great value, and what is worse for individual security: physical wallets in the hands of people who may not have the means to protect yourself.

On the Internet there is or there should be the freedom to share whatever you want , but it is clear that, today, boasting of having a lot of cryptocurrencies or hardware to mine them carries great risks. And even if they are not physical risks, they can be even legal or logistical. The practices of doxing of this case (and of all) are criticized for the lack security that Davidson is subjected to, but beyond that, he has been left without his farm. In r / gpumining it is common to see images like those of the video shared on Twitter, but they try not to be so easily locatable.

Since as they have found out, all their hardware was in a data center , It was the company that owns it itself that has finally confirmed through Google reviews that the mining farm has been dismantled after uploading the video . They do not confirm if it has been as a sanction to the owner of the graphics cards or if it has been himself to avoid legal problems and possible looting.