It's over: you won't be able to share DAZN with someone else to pay less -!

It’s over: you won’t be able to share DAZN with someone else to pay less -!: All the details about It’s over: you won’t be able to share DAZN with someone else to pay less -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about It’s over: you will no longer be able to share DAZN with another person to pay less -!. Here’s what you need to know about It’s over: you won’t be able to share DAZN with someone else to pay less -!, Here are the details … DAZN will stop offering two simultaneous views of content for two users on different devices with the same account. The official confirmation comes from the company itself.

The only one exception that DAZN will make in this sense is if the two devices are connected to the same IP , that is, it is the same house. According to the statements made in an interview with Milano Finanza “Our conditions of service clearly establish that the subscription is personal and non-transferable”, explains Veronica Di Quattro, DAZN’s director of revenue in Europe. DAZN is a platform that allows us to watch sports in streaming, which in addition to watching national and international competitions of multiple disciplines, also allows us to access thematic programs or delayed content.

The change: next football season

Veronica Di Quattro added in her statements that the change will probably occur from the start of next football season. However, to use the subscription on multiple devices it is likely that a new package will be introduced «Our aim is always to provide a flexible user experience and, therefore we will introduce modular subscriptions according to different needs, for example with family subscription forms, “concluded Di Quattro.

One of the reasons why DAZN has decided to take This decision is because they have detected that some users incorrectly sell and exploit the functionality of viewing content on more than one device simultaneously.

Will the price of DAZN go up with LaLiga?

This The news comes a few days after confirming that DAZN and Movistar will share the broadcast of Spanish football for the seasons 2022 / 23, 2023 / 24, 2024 / 25, 2025/26 Y 2025 / 27. For the first time in a long time, Movistar shares the rights with another company.

Another question that arises these days is whether the price of the streaming platform will rise with the arrival of The league. An issue that will be resolved over the months. Currently a subscription to DAZN is priced at 9, 99 dolars per month or 99, 99 dolars per year if we want to make the payment in one time. Taking into account that Italy tripled its price after keeping the rights to Seri A.

In the case of Germany, which only broadcasts some games, since it shares rights with Sky, the subscription price rose at the beginning of the year to 14, 99 dolars per month. For these reasons, the increase in the price of DAZN in may more closely resemble the increase in Germany. What is quite clear is that changes are coming to DAZN and, in addition to affecting simultaneous viewing on two devices at the same time, the subscription price may also rise in a few months.