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Remote File Inclusion: know how this technique affects you

There are many types of malware and attack methods that hackers can use to compromise our security and infect computers. In this article we are going to talk about what is Remote File Inclusion , a threat that can put our systems at risk. Let’s see how it can affect us and what we can do to be protected and avoid problems.

How to identify a malicious domain

When we surf the Internet we can come across many pages that are insecure. Hackers can create a website with the intention of stealing personal data, passwords, or sneak malware by simply clicking or downloading a file. That is why it is essential to be protected and know when something can be dangerous. For this reason, in this article we are going to give a series of tips to identify a malicious web domain .

Malware rooting: know what en and how to protect yourself

There are many types of security threats that can put our computers at risk. Not all of them work the same and we cannot take the same protection measures for all of them. However, there are some basic ones that work in all cases. In this article we are going to talk about what malware rooting is, how it affects us and, of course, what we must do to be protected and get our systems to work properly.

Why does the Wi-Fi not work with the internal card and yes with USB

Have problems with wireless networks are relatively common. Normally this translates into a bad speed, continuous cuts or even not being able to connect to Wi-Fi. The causes are varied, but sometimes the problem is with the network card. In this article we are going to talk about why the Wi-Fi does not work with the internal card that the computer has, but it does install one by USB.

When should you change your passwords

The passwords are the main security barrier that prevents intruders from entering our Internet accounts. However, we do not always create keys that are really safe and can protect us. In this article we are going to talk about the importance of changing them periodically and when we should do it. In this way we will always maintain security and avoid leaks.

These are the programs that need a faster connection

Have a Good Internet connection is essential. It is important to be able to download files, broadcast streaming videos or simply browse. But of course, not all applications or services will require the same resources. In this article we are going to talk about which programs need to have a better Internet connection to function and to fulfill their functions correctly.

These have been the worst attacks of 2021

Ends 2021 and with it a year in which we have seen many cyber attacks that they have affected all kinds of users. We have seen varieties of ransomware that have managed to adapt, Trojans that have allowed hackers to enter a system, tricks to steal passwords … In this article we wanted to make a compilation of the worst computer attacks of the year.

Your antivirus is useless against these threats

Protecting computers with a good antivirus is essential. It is the best barrier to prevent the entry of malicious programs, viruses and other attacks that can steal passwords or infect the system. However, it does not act for all kinds of security problems that appear. In this article we are going to talk about when the antivirus cannot protect us and we will have to look for alternative measures.

How 5G will change communications this new year

Mobile networks have gained a very important weight in recent years. We can navigate from anywhere, have flexibility when using devices and, also, with an increasing speed. There the 5G is going to play an important role for this coming year, since it is the most current technology. Let’s see what it will contribute and what differences we will notice compared to these years ago.

Do you have an old web domain? You could be in danger

The Internet is full of web pages of all kinds. There are articles and news, reports on a certain topic, online stores, social networks … But of course, sometimes a website stops updating , your manager stops creating content and goes a bit into oblivion. The page is still active and at some point it can be updated again and generate content. These cases are the ones that a new report considers the most dangerous.

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