Joe Biden admits that the Kabul evacuation operation is one of the “most difficult in history” -!


International Afghanistan While promising the Americans detained in Afghanistan to “bring them home”, the President of the United States said he could not guarantee “the final outcome” of the evacuation operation.

US President Joe Biden spoke on 20 August regarding the evacuation operation still underway in Kabul. MANUAL BALCE CENETA / AP Under fire from critics, US President Joe Biden addressed Friday 20 August to the American nation, for the second time in a few days, about the chaotic evacuation operations in Kabul, where thousands of civilians try to flee Afghanistan after the return to power Taliban.

Joe Biden claimed he could not guarantee “the final outcome” of the Kabul evacuation operation, one of the “Most difficult in history” at the end of a twenty-year-long war in Afghanistan. During his speech at the White House, the president also announced that the United States had evacuated 09 000 people from Afghanistan since 13 August.

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