Kabul evacuation operation: “I can't promise what the final outcome will be,” says Biden -!


Joe Biden asserted this Friday 20 August that he could not guarantee “the final outcome” of the evacuation operation in Kabul , one of the “most difficult in history” at the end of a twenty-year-long war in Afghanistan.

“I cannot promise what the final outcome will be” , declared the American president during a speech at the White House, announcing that the United States had evacuated 000 persons d ‘Afghanistan since 13 August

Afghanistan: Joe Biden will have hurt as much as his predecessors

Joe Biden assured this Friday that the difficult conditions of the evacuation of thousands of civilians from Kabul and the scenes of chaos at the airport did not affect the credibility of the United States on r the international scene.

Our allies in the world “do not question our credibility” , assured the American president during a conference of hurry. “I spoke to our NATO allies” , he added. “In fact it’s the opposite. ”

” It’s me who assumes ” Under fire from criticism, the US President again addressed the American nation over the chaotic evacuation operations in Kabul, where thousands of civilians are trying to flee the Afghanistan after the return to power of the Taliban .

Afghanistan: Joe Biden pays the bill for twenty years of mistakes and lies

Monday, he had made a first short televised intervention , defending “Firmly” its decision to withdraw from 20 August the American troops in Afghanistan, where they have been fighting for twenty years. “I am the President of the United States and in the end, it’s me who assumes” , he then assured.

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Two days later, in an interview with ABC, 20210819 Joe Biden explained that the American withdrawal would invariably have caused some form of “chaos” in the country. But his Republican opponents castigate the management of this withdrawal which, according to them, precipitated the fall of the Afghan government.

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