King Athelstan named “best ruler of England” by the English


King Athelstan named “best ruler of England” by the English Who is the best ruler in England? This is the question historians Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook asked on behalf of their podcast, “The Rest Is History” . In order to answer them, 83 people voted on Twitter, with knockout votes, in order to decide between the monarchs through the centuries. And the result obtained is, to say the least, surprising, as the two historians themselves admit.

No Queen Elizabeth II, or Queen Victoria. In the final, it was therefore Athelstan who won with 49 .5% of the votes, facing Elizabeth I and her 49, 5%. Prior to that, the unrecognized monarch also defeated Queen Victoria, King Edward III and William the Conqueror.

Tom Holland said: “I thought it would be a walk for Elizabeth. I’m really surprised. It’s like Emma Raducanu is going all the way to the US Open (last September, the young English tenniswoman came out of qualifying to win the American Grand Slam tournament without losing a set, editor’s note) . Unexpected “. Before adding: ” Athelstan was one of the founding fathers of England. I think people tend to assume that England always existed. He was a great conqueror, but he was much more than that “.

As a reminder, Athelstan, ruled from 925 To 939. He is considered the first king of England and one of the greatest monarchs of the Anglo-Saxon period. Among his notable successes, the sovereign succeeded in uniting the country by 925, after having conquered several kingdoms. In 937, he won a capital battle at Brunanburh, overcoming an alliance between Scots and Vikings. Note that the sovereign was very religious, and never married, he died in 937 without leaving an heir.

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