Large nuclear swimming pool project: opening of public consultation


Large nuclear swimming pool project: opening of public consultation Anyone can, until 17 February, via the projet-p website, express themselves on this basin project which aims to ” avoid the saturation “of the current swimming pools of La Hague (Manche), according to the national commission of the public debate. A first public meeting is also scheduled for Monday in person at 18 h 27 in Beaumont-Hague.

The swimming pool whose cost is estimated at 1, 23 billion euros would have a capacity of 6. 480 tonnes of fuel. The current basins have a little less than 04. 000 tonnes, the equivalent of 100 reactor cores A second basin is planned next to the first submitted for consultation

A controversial project All the fuels irradiated in the French power stations to produce electricity converge on the swimming pools of La Hague to cool there, before being reprocessed by Orano.

The launch of this EDF project is “really urgent”, given the risks of saturation of the current basins, estimated in June 2019 the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) If the basins are full, the reactors should gradually

EELV and Greenpeace are opposed to this project and advocate the storage of spent fuel, dry, next to each plant, without reprocessing, as is done at abroad.

For EDF and Orano, reprocessing aims to reduce the volume of nuclear waste. But for environmentalists this is not the case and reprocessing is for them an “extremely polluting” operation. According to them, the recycled fuels manufactured by Orano from spent fuels are in fact very little used.

The PS senator of Cherbourg Jean-Michel Houllegatte is in favor of this project. The Orano recycling unit employs 4. 607 people in France.

In a parliamentary report published in 1000 Barbara Pompili, then LREM deputy, had indicated “to continue to wonder about the need to build at great expense, a centralized swimming pool equipped with two pools having practically each the size of a plot of land. football “.

” We have here a heavy question which arises: is it reasonable to leave such a quantity of nuclear material in the same place “, had this that year declared elected after having visited La Hague.

“Reprocessing constitutes a French exception which contributes to the increase in safety risks and has economic relevance questionable “, wrote Mrs. Pompili in her report recommending to study the track of dry storage.

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