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Learn robotics from scratch with these YouTube channels -!: All the details about Learn robotics from scratch with these YouTube channels -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about Learn robotics from scratch with these YouTube channels -!. Here’s what you need to know about Learn robotics from scratch with these YouTube channels -!, Here are the details …If you do not have much idea of ​​electronics and want to know more about robotics in each of its areas, or you simply want to strengthen your knowledge or take it to a more practical field, with these YouTube channels you will acquire greater knowledge about these topics in a more practical, didactic, original, fun way and even without having to spend money on making your own creations.

We show you some of the main channels with which you can learn everything you need about these topics, even if you start with zero knowledge of electronics and programming, where you will find a wide variety of tutorials, interesting information, curiosities and much more, each with its own way of showing it to you. Each of them from a different perspective and approach, so you will surely find more than one that catches your attention.

If you need to learn robotics for your school projects, for your work , to increase your job opportunities or promote your job or it is simply a field that you are passionate about, discover more in these channels where you can acquire the knowledge you need taking into account what are your areas of interest , with tutorials or individual videos that show a lot of information that can help you achieve your goals.

Why learn robotics

Robotics is a science that unites different technological fields to design robotic machines that are capable of performing automated tasks based on the capacity of their software, which you can create and even program to do the same. you need considering what they can do. It surrounds us in our daily lives, in fact, it is used for domestic use, to make smarter homes, in medicine, in the military industry, transportation and much more. The main advantage of robots is that they are strong, precise and can work the 24 hours of the day. At present, this field has come a long way and we need people who are capable of mastering the different aspects of this science.

There are many reasons to learn robotics , some of which are listed below:

Children can acquire many other knowledge and favor their logical thinking by learning to program and starting with basic notions. You need it for your school assignments and you can’t learn enough with class explanations. Do you want to do your own projects or you have bought an Arduino board and want to know how you can use it. You need to make your smart home , but you prefer to configure it exactly to your measure. You want to join the labor market in a sector with a future and many possibilities to grow. Do you want to promote in your company or high positions demand personnel with this knowledge . You are interested in learning more about technology, robotics, programming and similar topics that you are passionate about. Whatever your reasons, the Internet is a place where you will find many sources of learning for each of your needs or desires, and YouTube channels are also a good resource to turn to, for this reason, we will tell you about some channels in which to learn easily anywhere and anytime , with the possibility of retake it as much as you want or dedicate hours if you wish because they provide you with a lot of flexibility when consulting them.

Robotics channels

To learn much more about this branch of mechanical engineering, electronics and computer science that deals with many aspects related to robots, from their design to the final phase and application, It is important that you start from scratch with the basic knowledge or consolidating the ones you already have. Therefore, we show you some interesting channels in which you will discover much more about robotics, electronics, technology and many varied topics of your interest with which you will discover many new things. In addition, they are updated frequently, so you always have something new to know.

Profe García

One of the best known channels of robotics and easy electronics for everyone is El Profe García, which has 798 thousand subscribers and thousands of visits in each of his videos. Publish an average of article per week with interesting content on this topic, especially robotics, electronics, technology and systems tutorials. Makes homemade creations and much more. Advise that children should not do these assemblies without adult supervision.

It has different categories, among which are home automation and smart homes, LED strips, robots that walk on everything, easy CNC to do at home and more.

CarlosVolt Electronics and Robotics

This channel has tutorials with which you will learn to do work, end-of-year or interesting projects on this topic. It covers topics such as electronics, electricity, robotics, Arduino , home automation, internet of things, industrial automation, integrated circuits and more. It has about 91 thousand followers and a good variety of videos.

Its publication frequency is one or two videos per month , but there may be more. It was created in the year 2009 and continues to publish interesting content on the subject. If you want to know more about these various topics, you will find a lot of information on his channel with videos of varying lengths, up to more than 20 minutes in some cases.

El Angelito

This is a channel with very varied topics in which he does experiments on physics, chemistry, electronics, home-made inventions and tutorials. It is capable of solving many problems of the house and even use a modified trike that works only with the sun. If you want to entertain yourself and look for something different, you will like it.

In it you will learn much more than fixing refrigerators, for something he has a large number of followers who watch his videos, you will have new electronic knowledge that will help you have better ideas for your creations. Not that he has specialized in this area, but you will learn a lot about his videos.

Robotics Engineering School

In this channel that publishes content frequently, although not as regularly as we would like, you will learn to master all the areas of robotics . This includes basic programming, mechanical robot design, and much more, allowing you to make your own creations.

On its main page you will find the categories so that it is easier for you to know what you want to see at all times. For example, how to make a minisumo robot , a sprinting robot, plate design course in Proteus, experiments and toys from recycled material, how to make a homemade drone , different varied courses and more. It even has short videos. It is ideal for those who want to lay the foundations of robotics.


ValPat is a channel much more than educational because it teaches boys and girls educational robotics, programming and technology , to bring everyone closer to this passionate world in a much more original way. Despite her young age, Valeria Corrales is passionate about science and technology. Together with her, Patricia Heredia shows us this science from a new perspective.

It goes without saying that it is a channel that can see all kinds of audiences with very interesting content on robotics, technology and more. You can view their popular videos or full playlists from these knowledge areas. You can also see the content that already exists or those that are published frequently. If you don’t have much knowledge, it will help you.

Robotics and electronics

With more than 42 thousand subscribers , in this channel you will find information interesting on these topics. Although it does not publish everything we would like, it does have recent content with interesting topics such as a PIC microcontroller programming tutorial, building your own infrared sensor, rhythmic audio light and much more. You will be struck by what the videos of a robot in my trash are about.

You will learn to know these topics in a more enjoyable way. It has focused on the development and construction of robotics and electronics projects with resources available to all people so that you do not have to spend a lot to build your projects.

Learn Arduino

With this famous board used by both those with more advanced knowledge and those who are doing their own projects and experimenting with electronics and robotics, you have all the elements you need to connect peripherals to the inputs and outputs of a microcontroller. You can do many things with it, although for this you will have to learn how it works and much more.

If you want to do it and go even deeper into the field of robotics to be able to carry out your own creations , make your home smarter, create a robot or whatever you want, we will show you some channels In which, in addition to other knowledge, you will find tutorials or information that you must know in order to learn Arduino from scratch or expand your knowledge.


This channel with more than 431 thousand followers has a lot of information and learning about electronics and technology, with tutorials from robotics, Arduino, programming, Raspberry, technology reviews, drones and much more, but above all electronics at your fingertips. Behind him is an electronic engineer named Edison Viveros who is passionate about these issues. Since the creation of his channel in the 2007 he has obtained more than 44 millions of views and growing.

He publishes several interesting content a week, so do not miss the ones he has already published and their news. In addition, on its home page you will see its popular videos, among which you will find one of Arduino from scratch in Spanish, free courses, electronics from scratch, your website from scratch and much more.

Program easy

With this channel you can imagine your own projects and create them with the help of Arduino. You will have the possibility to learn everything you need to make your ideas come true through programming, without having to have great initial knowledge. If you want to learn to program with this board, you are in the right place since their videos are focused on it, with many interesting tips and concepts to learn more about it.

From its main page you will see its popular videos or you can play everything from Arduino . As the videos are not short, you will ensure many hours of content that will help you. In addition, you can access a podcast called Technology for all .


This channel with more than 55 thousand subscribers is a robotics course in which you will learn the main concepts of it, as well as interesting questions in this regard such as learning to program Arduino from scratch , control a Raspberry Pi with iPhone using Siri and video tutorials.

It is a channel designed for all pe People who want to learn robotics and electronics without having any knowledge of electronics. In its years of activity since its inception in 2008, it has nearly 4 million views.


In this channel, you will be able to see very interesting electronics tutorials , in which you will learn many things. In addition, it offers you information about robotics and Arduino, with courses to learn how to use this board, Raspberry Pi and other related concepts. You can even see how a drone flies with a watch, various projects, ideas, how it answers questions.

If you want to learn how to use Arduino , this is the right channel. He has more than 138 thousand followers , thousands of visits to his videos, although some they ran into the hundreds of thousands, and even their own store. It is the right channel if you want to know more about it, electronics, robotics and much more, with content that will arouse your attention.

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