Love: 4 signs it's safe to get started in this story

Love: 4 signs it’s safe to get started in this story

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Love: 4 signs it’s safe to get started in this story

Love: 4 signs that you can safely get started in this story We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Love: 4 signs it’s safe to get started in this story Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Love: 4 signs that it is safe for you to get started in this story

Think you’ve found love but want to make sure you’re avoiding a toxic relationship? Here are 4 signs that it’s safe to get started with your partner.

A work event, an evening with friends, a dating app… So many places where you can meet a new partner. But finding true love is not easy. Once you meet someone, nothing tells you that this person is right for you. Some partners will ultimately not match you, or your respective timings will not be matched and all of this can lead to a breakup. Worse, you may think that your partner is right for you, but in reality, your relationship will turn out not to be healthy.

But how do you know if you are in a non-toxic love affair? Some behaviors don’t lie. If you can recognize the toxic signs, you may also notice positive things that will make your relationship healthy and get on with it. We take stock of these positive signs.

1 / Your partner accepts and respects the “no”

A “no” is a “no” and you don’t have to justify yourself. And that goes for everything. For example, if you don’t feel like doing an activity, like having a drink after work with your significant other, you feel free to say no to them and the person accepts that response and respects them. Another example: you don’t want to have sex with your partner. The latter must respect and accept this decision. If he / she insists, then that means your ‘no’s’ are not being respected, and by extension, you are not respected as a person.

2 / Your partner tells you what he likes about you and is benevolent

Kindness is the key to good relationships, in love as well as in friendship. Without benevolence, a couple can quickly become jealous, envy, argue… What is benevolence? It is thinking about the well-being of the other, encouraging him / her on a daily basis, reassuring him / her when he / she needs it, paying him / her compliments even when he / she is not right next to you … It is wishing him the best and rejoicing when positive things happen to him in his life. If your partner is not happy for you when you get a raise or success, for example, then he / she is not being benevolent.

3 / Your partner includes you in his plans for the future

If your partner isn’t telling you about their plans for the future, or worse, imagining them all without you, then you might not be with the right person. Indeed, as a couple, it is important, if you are making projects, to do them together and according to each person’s desires. This shows that you see yourself in the long term with your partner and that you respect their wishes for the future.

4 / Your partner and you talk about your needs in the relationship and are listening

Communication is fundamental in the couple. This allows everyone to be listened to and express their desires, needs and anxieties. You need to be able to confide and your partner to be listening. This allows you to take stock, to express yourself and make adjustments in the couple. For example, if you don’t like an action, you need to feel free to talk to your spouse about it. If the latter is not listening enough and you need more attention, you have to be able to tell him / her so that he / she notices it and it does not happen again. afterwards.


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