Maeva Ghennam: the home of her grandmother targeted by gunfire


Maeva Ghennam: the home of her grandmother targeted by gunfire The influencer grandmother’s house was the target of gunfire on the night of 15 at 15 November. This is not the first time that Maeva Ghennam has been targeted from near or far.

Maeva Ghennam, very active on social networks, is regularly the target of malicious acts, online and IRL. The most recent does not concern her directly, but could be linked to her family link with the victim. His grandmother’s home has just been riddled with bullet holes. Located in Marseille, he was the target of a dozen shots. Present inside, Maeva Ghennam’s grandmother was not touched.

The departmental police are investigating but do not know for the moment whether the shots are related to the victim’s granddaughter. Maeva Ghennam is originally from Marseille and rose to fame in 2018 with a participation in the show “Les Marseillais” in Australia. Since then, the young woman has made a career and fortune in this environment.

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Maeva Ghennam several times burglary The young wife of 24 years has already been burgled several times in its various accommodations. She had even filmed in May 2018 on social networks running away from her burgled house in the middle of the night, her mother coming to pick her up. Since then, Maeva Ghennam has taken up residence in Dubai, a city that hosts a number of French reality TV influencers and influencers. She highlighted the anonymity she enjoys in this city, which allows her more tranquility. Another possible reason for this global exile in Dubai: a more advantageous tax system for influencers, who most often live on product placements and sales of their brands.

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