Medion, the great unknown of Lenovo that fails in Europe -!

Medion, the great unknown of Lenovo that fails in Europe -!: All the details about Medion, the great unknown of Lenovo that fails in Europe -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Medion, the great unknown of Lenovo that fails in Europe -!. Here’s what you need to know about Medion, the great unknown of Lenovo that fails in Europe -!, Here are the details … Lenovo paid more than 600 million dolars in 2011 for the signs to position itself in Europe, but ten years later Medion is a great unknown among consumers.

The Chinese computer firm has managed to position itself as one of the major market leaders in record time of the sector. According to Canalys, Lenovo achieved in the third quarter of the year a 20% of world market share in PCs (including desktops, laptops and tablets) by ahead of Apple who was left with a 18, 9%, HP that was made with a 14, 4% and DELL who was left with a 12.5%. Lenovo grew globally by close to 5% and managed to sell close to 24 millions of computers. These figures represent a whole record considering the supply problems that exist due to the shortage of semiconductors.

In Spain, Lenovo’s growth has been spectacular. At the traditional Christmas lunch with the press, Alberto Ruano, CEO of Lenovo Iberia, recalled that when he arrived at the firm in June of 2016 invoiced 24 millions. In just 5 years the company will bill more than 900 million and has positioned itself as a market leader of PC and like one of the big players in the professional segment of the servants. At the marketing level, the company has positioned itself in sport as a sponsor of Ferrari in Formula 1, Ducati in motorcycling, and in Spain it has a strong presence at music festivals, basketball teams or as the main sponsor of the eSports Team Heretics.

What about Medion?

The acquisition of the German company in 2011 was the second most important corporate transaction after the purchase of IBM in 2005 for 1750 million dollars. Lenovo was looking to position itself quickly in Europe even though the firm was only important in Germany. It is precisely in its home market that the firm has been losing steam by leaps and bounds and in some segments its position is purely testimonial. For example, in the tablet market, Medion has less than a 1% market share.

At the level of online sales, the firm sells on the channel 230 million and is in the number position 14 behind the main German sellers according to data

In Spain the data is even worse since according to the main consulting firms the brand does not represent even 0.2% of total computer sales. We have contacted Myriam Frutos Amador, her marketing director to ask her about the sales and taking advantage of the fact that she is carrying out a media marketing campaign, but at the moment we have not received a response.

Although the firm is wholly owned by Lenovo, the company operates independently and it could be a matter of time before it disappears. In this type of corporate operations, companies tend to end up merging brands to optimize costs and thus avoid duplication since it makes no sense for Medion to allocate resources when it does not have even a 1% market share. What is evident is that Lenovo has iron health and in just a few years it has become one of the giants of consumer electronics.