Melissa Theuriau confides on difficult childhood: “It's painful”


Melissa Theuriau confides on difficult childhood: “It’s painful” It has been several years since Melissa Theuriau abandoned her role of TV presenter for that of producer. On 20 November, the wife of Jamel Debbouze was the guest of Mouloud Achour in his program “Clique”, broadcast on Canal, to promote his next documentary, “Reparer les vivantes” , which will be available on LCP on 24 November. A documentary which focuses on the care of women victims of violence.

“I didn’t like it at all to be a child and a teenager ”

During the program, Catherine Ceylac, the former presenter of“ Thé ou café ”, now a columnist on the encrypted channel, has once again taken on a role that it fulfills wonderfully: that of confidante. And the subject that the latter wished to address with the former presenter of “Zone Interdite” was delicate: her complicated childhood . So, she showed him a picture of her as a kid and reminded him that she didn’t love herself and found her physique ungrateful. Before adding: “When we draw on your youth, a teenager in high school, you still experienced violence, since there was even talk of harassment. You were quarantined, which resulted in hospitalization. ” Melissa Theuriau’s response was quick: “ Yes, in fact, I did not enjoy being a child and a teenager at all. I do not have at all pleasure to look back on childhood. It’s painful. ”

” I would have to start a job »

And when Catherine Ceylac tried to know a little more, Léon’s mother (12 years) and Lila (10 years) , evasive, simply explained that she “didn’t quite know why. I would have to start a job. Everything is fine though. I have super, affectionate, intelligent, musical, funky, cool parents. ”

Source: ParentsBaby