Midwives: finally a salary increase in February, what is the amount?


Midwives: finally a salary increase in February, what is the amount? The midwives rightly claim to be recognized as caregivers, they who accompany their patients every day in the process of giving birth . The government claims to have finally heard them and is proposing several measures.

What changes for midwives?

– One revaluation of their salary from February 1 2022, in the amount of 240 monthly net euros . The latter includes the 183 euros from the Health Segur, 25 euros for revaluation of the salary scale and 240 euros for medical practice premium.

– The creation of a sixth year of studies in maieutics instead of the current five. This additional year will start with the promotion of 2022 – 2023.

Are the measures announced for midwives sufficient?

If midwives recognize the measures taken by the government, they are not, however, fully satisfied. Several of them, interviewed by our colleague from Figaro , brought up the following points:

– The premium of 240 euros will not be taken taken into account in the calculation of retirement and it can disappear at any time. On the other hand, this premium is only valid for midwives employed in public hospitals, and not for liberal, contractual or those who practice in private clinics.

– Midwives still do not have the status of hospital practitioner, their social consideration and their salary scale suffer.

– A shortage of staff has persisted for many years and is growing. A study conducted by the National Association of Midwifery Students in 2018 showed that 7 out of 10 had depressive symptoms. Today, according to a teacher from the Aix-Marseille maieutics school, 10% of midwifery students are under anxiolytics. These studies are not very reassuring in terms of improving the working conditions for caregivers … and therefore patient care.

Source: ParentsBaby


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