Movistar and DAZN buy LaLiga rights until 2027 -!

Movistar and DAZN buy LaLiga rights until 2027 -!: All the details about Movistar and DAZN buy LaLiga rights until 2027 -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Movistar and DAZN buy LaLiga rights until 2027 -!. Here’s what you need to know about Movistar and DAZN buy LaLiga rights up to 2027 -!, Here are the details … We have finally known the result of the LaLiga auction . Participants have waited at the last minute to present their offers and thus prevent the price from rising. Movistar, DAZN , Relevent, Amazon and Mediapro were going to participate in it, but in the end it will be the first two that will broadcast LaLiga in Spain for the next five seasons.

The league he got what he wanted. In the auction for the residential market in Spain and Andorra, LaLiga has awarded for 4. 950 million dolars the broadcast of football to DAZN and Movistar . Movistar will broadcast 5 games per day , plus 3 full days that it will broadcast exclusively. In the case of DAZN, the broadcast will be another 5 games per day .

Movistar and DAZN will share the soccer broadcast

This implies a payment of 990 million dolars per season , 10 more than in the previous auction, and despite the fact that the number of customers and spectators has dropped. The cost per day for Movistar has decreased by 7% compared to the previous auction.

With this move, Movistar and DAZN ensure the broadcast of Spanish football for the seasons 2021 / 10, 2023 / 24, 2024 / 25, 2025/26 Y 2026 / 27 . This, according to LaLiga, will provide greater stability in the medium term and creates greater certainty among the winners to invest in the content. LaLiga is satisfied, since, in auctions in other European countries, the price has dropped or has peaked.

With this, DAZN enters the broadcast of a maximum category of soccer of Spanish teams male , something they had been trying to do in previous auctions such as with the Champions League. The platform won the game over Movistar with previous competitions, such as the Premier League, the Euroleague, MotoGP and Serie A. Now it may be once and for all the first time that we can see football outside of an operator with a platform that is stable and guarantees the quality that this type of content requires.

Will there be an agreement between Movistar and DAZN?

Regarding the agreements, it is most likely that DAZN and Movistar will repeat a strategy similar to the one they carried out with DAZN F1 , where Movistar transferred the rights to DAZN in exchange for DAZN F1 to be seen on Movistar +. However, the operator will have three days exclusively, so it will be necessary to see whether or not those days are part of the possible agreement between both parties.

In the case of Orange , the operator that will have to negotiate with both Movistar and DAZN the broadcast of their content. However, the price you will pay to access the content should not be higher than in other years, since the price paid at the auction has been very similar. The slight increase in the award price may have to do with the fact that, according to LaLiga, they have received a very high number of offers , demonstrating the interest that there is for the content of Spanish football.

The rest of the lots will be auctioned later, including those of LaLiga SmartBank , the Horecas segment (which includes hotels, bars and restaurants), and the open game, which are expected to be auctioned between February and March 2022 .