Movistar unveils its new films and series for 2022 -!

Movistar unveils its new films and series for 2022 -!: All the details about Movistar unveils its new films and series for 2022 -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Movistar unveils its new films and series for 2022 -!. Here’s what you need to know about Movistar unveils its new movies and series for 2021 -!, Here are the details … There are just over two weeks until the 2022 . The new year also implies the arrival of new audiovisual content to payment platforms. Now, it has been Movistar that has announced the new and better content that we can see in Movistar + a throughout 2022 , including original movies and series.

New series and original Movistar films

In the first months of the year, a multitude of licensed films will arrive, as well as original content from Movistar. We will start with « Raphaelismo» (early January) , a documentary about the singer Raphael that reviews his life and his more than 60 years of musical career. There will also be two new series. The first is “Everyone lies” (28 January) , a thriller that revolves around a murder that turns the insides of a group of friends. The second is «We feel the inconvenience» (February) , a comedy starring Miguel Rellán and Antonio Resines about what it is like to get older.

In 2022 we will also see three original Movistar premieres: «Apagón», «El immortal» and «Rapa» . This new year we will also see the second seasons of series such as «La Unidad», «Nasdrovia», «Paraíso» and «Supernormal» . Movistar will also bring new surprises in Spanish series, being one of the most important producers of original content in our country.

There will also be new licensed content in 2022

Movistar will also bring several international series and seasons, such as Season 6 of « Outlander », the Season 6 of« Billions »(24 January) , the Season 3 of “The Discovery of the Witches” , and Original premieres such as the British fiction series «The Responder» , starring Martin Freeman.

In films We will also find a multitude of Spanish titles nominated for Goya awards, such as «The good pattern» (20 nominations) , «Maixabel» (14 nominations) and «Libertad» (6 nomi nations) . In international cinema, “Fast & Furious 9”, “Time”, “The infinite purge” , and highly anticipated titles such as “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” and “Venom: there will be a killing.”

Movistar will return to also broadcast this year the Oscar gala , which will be held at dawn on 27 to the 28 of March. We will also find the premiere of the documentary series «Crimes, by Carles Porta» (early January) . The true crime series represents the leap from radio to television of the most shocking crimes in the recent history of Spain.

As we can see, the platform will receive a multitude of content originals and licensed throughout the year, where dozens of new releases are included each month that can be seen both live on their channels and on demand. These have been the first to be revealed, but we will soon learn more.