“My father was not my father”: Muriel Robin at the heart of a painful family secret


While she was devoting herself to writing her autobiography, Muriel Robin discovered that she was the result of adultery. A family secret on which she agreed to come back this Sunday, December 5 in Sept à Eight.

A heavy secret. This Sunday, December 5, Muriel Robin was the guest of Audrey-Crespo Mara in Sept à Huit . The opportunity for the actress to look back on her childhood, and more precisely on a discovery she made while writing her book. While questioning her mother’s best friend, the actress discovered that she was the result of adultery. A real shock for the companion of Anne Le Nen who, as so often, prefers to take the party to laugh about it.

“Before arriving, there is already a problem ” “My father was not my father”, she breathes. And to specify that she “saw very well” who her biological father was. Thus, from the top of her 66 years, Muriel Robin discovered that she had a half-brother. And the artist to ironize: “When I was in the markets, 12 years old, I saw him. I looked at him, saying to myself: he doesn’t dislike him. Luckily, we didn’t do anything . ”

At peace with herself, the actress does not want the least of the world with her mother who, if she had never revealed to her the true identity of her father, had on the other hand confided to her having maintained an affair for nearly 15 years. ” I told her that I was very happy for her because I had really felt that it was not a great physical affair with my father”, she remembers. But when you are an illegitimate child – what some call bastards or bastards – then we are wobbly ”. And the comedian concludes, touching: “We don’t want you. Before arriving, we are already a problem. ” An intimate wound that the public love, which acts like ” an ointment ”, the help to fill.