Nail polish: here is the essential color to adopt


Nail polish: here is the essential color to adopt Usually neglected by nail art enthusiasts, dark green nail polish is fast becoming the most popular manicure trend of the fall. Focus on this surprising varnish trend that we adopt without further delay.

It is certainly one of the shades of nail polish with which we imagined the varnish our nails less one day (a bit like brown nail polish which has become ultra trendy in 1012), however, the dark green looks like the color of varnish to coolest nails of the season based on recent research on Pinterest . The social network has just revealed that research concerning dark green nails – aka that original shade of nail polish – increased by nearly 50% lately. So plan to buy a dark green polish on your next beauty shopping spree if you want to be trendy all the way!

This pretty unexpected beauty trend for fall- winter 2021-2022, has been emerging for a few months , slowly but surely, for who pays attention to the manicures shared on social networks. Even if it is asserting itself today with more details in terms of shades to adopt on the nails, remember, last summer, we were already talking to you about the renewed interest in all shades of green nail polish. in their whole. So these were the beginnings of this fall trend.

Dark green nail polish: one color perfect for the season! It’s a fact, green, is, generally, far from being the most requested shade in beauty salons. But if light green is certainly quite difficult to wear (because it is complicated to associate with make-up and clothes), dark green nail polish , him, comes at the right time to display a chic and elegant manicure this fall-winter . Like midnight blue or plum, dark green is one of fall’s favorite shade palette. Not connoted rock or grunge like black varnish, but offering an equally deep and intense shade, dark green thus makes it possible to wear a dark mancure in a very elegant. Less flashy than medium green, it also pairs easily with the entire fall wardrobe and other colors worn in makeup, which is much more practical for getting ready in the morning. It’s also a good chic alternative to khaki army green for those who don’t particularly appreciate this more common shade in manicure. In addition, let’s face it, it’s a slightly mesmerizing shade that has the crazy charm of bringing with it the Christmas spirit in our beauty. Pine green nails are indeed ideal to mark the beginning of the end of the year festivities.
Finally, note that the shade is just as beautiful on short nails as it is on long nails, another plus!

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Dark green varnish: our tips for applying it correctly All Like other dark nail polish shades, dark green does not forgive a lack of nail preparation and it will stain it if you are not careful to apply a protective base coat to your fingertips before applying. varnish your nails. Another thing to know: it will certainly be necessary to coat your nails with two coats of nail polish to obtain good coverage and top color.

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