Nicolas Hulot case: a former collaborator testifies

Nicolas Hulot case: a former employee testifies

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Affaire Nicolas Hulot: a former collaborator testifies

Nicolas Hulot affair: a former collaborator testifies We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Nicolas Hulot case: a former employee testifies Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Nicolas Hulot case: a former employee testifies

A former collaborator of Nicolas Hulot comes out of the silence. In shock, she posted a long message on Facebook supporting the victims.

Muriel Douru worked with Nicolas Hulot for many months. Together, they wrote the book “Les Petits pas pas sufficient”. On Facebook, the illustrator wanted to speak out following the accusations of sexual assault and rape of which the former minister is the subject: ” I am the last person to publish a book with him, I am tied up, sad or angry and so far I was unable to write “, she wrote on the social network on 13 December 2021.

Very disconcerted by the situation, Muriel Douru recounted her own experience with Nicolas Hulot, with whom she collaborated: ” Here I am in an unprecedented situation: this accused , I worked for a year with him, at his place, sometimes in the greatest privacy.
“According to her, he is” easy to definitively judge a stranger who seems to us, from a distance, unpleasant. It is much less so when it comes to someone you know and who has always been sympathetic.

“I was sexually assaulted”

In her message, she wanted to send her support to the women who accuse the environmentalist: ” I believe the women who testify against him because I am a woman and, like all my friends, I was sexually assaulted when I was young in the years 50 – 90 ” , she assured while denouncing systemic sexual violence against women.

Over the course of her long message, Muriel Douru explained that she awaits ” impatiently for the first accused man who will say publicly that, even if he is considers innocent, the victim is not him, but all the women who have been and who are still attacked. “Before Muriel Douru, several women including Audrey Pulvar have already testified to their experience alongside the former minister. For her part, the journalist described a ” man to woman who flirted with everything that moved.
“She herself had cut short a delicate situation with the politician. As a reminder, Nicolas Hulot firmly refutes the accusations to which he is the subject despite the chilling accounts. He announced his withdrawal from political life.

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