Nine free online Android courses to start the year -!

Nine free online Android courses to start the year -!: All the details about Nine free online Android courses to start the year -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Nine free online Android courses to start the year -!. Here’s what you need to know about Nine free online Android courses to start the year -!, Here are the details … The end of 2021 has left us, as usual, various compilations with the best Google Play applications, the most downloaded, the ones that they have generated more income, those with better design … Even those that we have discovered in the Xataka Android team. Now that we have just started the year, the time has come to make new resolutions and perhaps one of them is to take a course related to Android.

If this is your case, here we collect a few of different levels that share two premises: they are free and in Spanish . Most of them, as you will see, are related to application programming and design. Who knows, maybe in a few months, one or more of your applications will sneak into the 2022 compilations.

Purpose 2022: do an Android course

We already know that January is the month of resolutions and one of the most common is studying (a master’s degree, a course, a degree, languages , music …). Whatever your level, if you have decided to take an Android programming course, here are nine proposals that, as we mentioned at the beginning, are free and are taught in Spanish:

Android: Introduction to Programming , from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (en edX): in addition to knowing the fundamentals of Android application development, you will be able to design an example application, “My Favorite Places”, to store photographs, geographical position, valuation and other data on them.

Programming with Java for Android applications , from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (on Coursera): you will not only be able to learn the basic programming concepts that Java uses, but also practice how to install it and get it ready for Android Studio.

Introduction to programming with AppInventor , by Programo Ergo Sum: in this introductory online course, you will learn to use the AppInventor tool, the software development environment created by Google for the development of Android applications.

Android Basics , from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (on Coursera): in this course, you will install the Android Studio development environment and, through practical exercises, you will learn to manipulate the tools that Android offers you to develop mobile applications.

Become a Development Specialist Android , from LinkedIn Learning: you will learn to create mobile applications for Android phones and tablets with the most widely used programming languages. Perfect to take the first steps in this world.

Creation of applications with Android Studio , from Udemy: in addition to installing and configuring a complete development environment with Android Studio, you will be able to learn about plugins and shortcuts, as well as test applications in emulators with different characteristics .

Android Development: Essential Architecture , from LinkedIn Learning: This course shows you the importance of architecture of Android applications, their basics and their best practices by taking a tour of ViewModel, Retrofit and Room, among others.

Mobile App Development , from the Complutense University of Madrid (in Google Activate yourself): with this Google course, you will learn the skills and basic concepts to create applications for mobile devices, not only for Android, but also ien for iOS.

Course Android Basics , by DevCode: with this basic course, you will be able to create your first Android application, learning about Layouts, TextView and EditText, ImageView, types of buttons, introduction to java, reverse timer and compare method.