No more being able to spy if we are online on WhatsApp -!

No more spying if we are online on WhatsApp -!: All the details about No more spying if we are online on WhatsApp -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about No more spying if we are online on WhatsApp -!. Here’s what you need to know about No more spying if we’re online on WhatsApp -!, Here are the details … WhatWhatsApp is implementing new privacy measures to protect users from unauthorized third-party applications. These new privacy measures prevent unknown contacts with whom we have never had a conversation through WhatsApp from being able to see the time when we last connected to the application or if we are online.

Some users have already realized that they cannot see the last time any of their contacts connected. For its part, WhatsApp customer service has explained that it is a new privacy measure . We can also activate and deactivate in WhatsApp the options of: time of the last time connected, profile photo, info, status, or the confirmation of readings with the double blue check. We can activate or deactivate these options for all WhatsApp users, for all our contacts or for anyone. Privacy measures that are very useful if we want to maintain privacy in an application that forms our daily life and that has changed the way we interact.

Goodbye to see the last connection time

What is the reason why WhatsApp has implemented this change? Maybe you did not know, but if we visit the App Store or Google Play we can find some third-party applications that can record the status online or the last connection time of the contacts that the person in question wants to consult.

Some people use these third-party applications to check online availability or the last connection time of some WhatsApp users. Thanks to the latest privacy improvements by the instant messaging application, WhatsApp does not show the last seen or the online status if there has never been a conversation with that contact. Since third-party apps don’t have an active chat, they can’t see if we’re online or not.

Therefore, if they cannot check the online availability of some of your contacts, it is because they have enabled the privacy setting “My contacts except … ” available for some users who have the beta version for Android or iOS.

Therefore, if you want to start using this new privacy measure that WhatsApp is implementing you will have to update the application to its beta version to test this new functionality so that contacts with whom you have never had a conversation cannot see if you are available or your last connection time to the application. What do you think of this new privacy measure by WhatsApp?