Nobody likes the official poster for Uncharted: The Movie -!

Nobody likes the official poster of Uncharted: The Movie -!: All the details about Nobody likes the official poster of Uncharted: The Movie -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Nobody likes the official poster of Uncharted: The Movie -!. Here’s what you need to know about Nobody Likes the Official Poster for Uncharted: The Movie -!, Here are the details … Uncharted will continue the legacy of Lara Croft and will finally jump from the PlayStation console to theaters. The official trailer was published at the end of October of this year, and has already generated very different criticisms among fans from the adventures of Nathan Drake. This week, Sony Pictures released the official poster for the film . And if the trailer has already left more than one with a changed foot, the poster has been the last straw. Virtually no one liked the final art of the film.

The Internet judges the book by its cover

For many, Uncharted is one of the great releases they hope to see in the big screen next year 2022. According to its director, Ruben Fleischer, the plot of the film does not It will be an adaptation of any of the video game installments , but will develop a totally original story using the characters we already know from the Naughty Dog franchise.

But as soon as the poster has been published, the criticisms have started. In the picture we see Nathan Drake, played by Tom Holland and his partner Sully, who will play Mark Wahlberg . Both have similar clothing and are on the ground in front of a ship in shreds, which many already comment with laughter that it is the mythical ship of the logo of the website of illegal downloads The Pirate Bay -.

Although the poster has a choice of colors and an art direction that in general reminds of the video game , many comment that it looks like a simple sketch made by an amateur. For others, the anger is caused by Holland himself . And it is that many players who have dedicated hours to the titles of Uncharted consider that the choice of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake is a matter of fashion , and not a correct decision after a serious and well-crafted casting. And to some extent, they may be right, since we see very similar cases today with actors like Timothée Chalamet or Zendaya, who are even in the soup (yes, on their own merits).

Would Wahlberg be better Nathan Drake?

However, the best review is the one that many make Mark Wahlberg. Not a few users complain (as a joke, of course) that Sony had the little shame to leave Nathan Drake in the background on the poster . And is that, despite Wahlberg’s age, his profile could be adequate to play the protagonist of the adventure.

Possibly, most people are right and the poster is not particularly attractive. But that does not mean that the film is not going to be interesting or that Tom Holland is not going to measure up simply because he is younger than the character he plays in video games. Either way, we will get out of doubt very soon, since, Uncharted: The Movie will hit theaters on 11 February 2022 in Spain.