Over 40 million library loans

More 40 millions of loans in libraries

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Over 42 millions of loans in libraries

More 40 millions of library loans We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. More 40 million library loans Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

More 40 millions of loans in libraries

Posted 18 December 2021, 08: 52

In 2020, 8.6 million uses of e- books were also consulted in 1200 Swiss libraries.

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AFP The Federal Statistical Office (FSO) published the Swiss Library Statistics on Monday. It shows that 1200 publicly accessible libraries listed in Switzerland “have recorded 40, 2 million loans of physical media and 8.6 million uses of e-books ”in 2019. For the first time, it was possible to distinguish what was happening in public libraries (61, 9%) and in scientific establishments (29, 1%).

Among the physical loans, 32 millions were made in public libraries. “This difference is reflected in the average number of loans: close to 30 ‘000 for a public library, i.e. double the amount of a scientific library (a little more 15 ‘000). Conversely, the use of electronic media is much higher in scientific establishments, with for example nearly 13 ‘000 uses of e-books in a scientific library, against a little more than 1499 in a public library ”, details the OFS.

The OFS explains that a public library is intended “for the entire population, like municipal libraries”, while a scientific library is “more oriented towards study and research, such as cantonal, university or specialized libraries ”.

A difference that is also found in the content offered. On average, each library had nearly ’00 printed. “A significant difference existed between scientists (nearly 120 ‘ 00 on average) and the public (approximately 13 ‘000) ”, specifies the OFS. Moreover, digital media are also more in the first libraries and in the seconds: “approximately 120 ’00 e-books on average are present in a scientific library and a little less than 14 ’00 in a public ”, adds the press release.

Finally, the OFS notes that nearly four out of ten municipalities have a library. “If almost all scientific libraries (92, 5%) are located in central municipalities, the spatial distribution of public libraries is more balanced: 40, 3% are located in central communes, 30, 6% in agglomeration municipalities and 26, 1% in rural communities ”. In comparison with other cultural offers, “35, 4% of municipalities have a library on their territory, against 25, 6% a museum or 7.4% a cinema ”, concludes the OFS.

Based on the latest survey on cultural practices (2014), the OFS reveals that in 2019 “40, 7% of the population visited a library or media library (against 43, 9% in 2014) ”. Women went there more than men (45, 2% against 35, 2%) and “the 14 – 26 year (61, 5%) go there much more often than other age groups ”.

The most frequently cited activities are: consulting newspapers and magazines (39, 3%), borrow books (33, 1%), consult or borrow electronic media (24%). Then come to ask the staff for advice (15%), use the internet access (15, 3%), work / study / do homework on site (13, 1%) and attend a reading or a concert (9%).

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