Overwhelmed by the Covid-19: Sri Lanka confines itself for ten days -!


/ Asia Pacific Published on : 19 / 07 / 2021 – 19: 20

A medical officer carries the body of a victim of the Covid – 19 to the premises of the medical examiner in Colombo, on 19 August 2021. REUTERS – DINUKA LIYANAWATTE Faced with a Covid outbreak – 19 unpublished, the Sri Lankan government has just resolved to a ten-day lockdown. Hospitals are overflowing and 124 people died on Thursday, a record that experts attribute to the arrival of the Delta variant.

With our correspondent in Bangalore, Côme Bastin

According to official statistics, the Indian Ocean island and its 22 million inhabitants were for the moment rather spared by the pandemic. But for several weeks, Sri Lanka has been overtaken.

In the capital Colombo, public hospitals no longer follow and must deal with two or three patients per bed. The death toll is skyrocketing in the country: 125 this Thursday 19 August against a maximum of 80 during the previous peak in June. The government has therefore decreed a total containment of ten days in the country, from this Friday evening 20 August. The head of state Gotabaya Rajapaksa was to address the population in the evening.

Oxygen reserves Many considered the measure inevitable when a curfew and assembly restrictions were already in place. The 17 August, a military boat had been dispatched to stock up on oxygen with the Indian neighbor, where the situation is for the moment under control.

About a quarter of the inhabitants from Sri Lanka have been vaccinated, mostly with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine. The first cases of the Delta variant were detected there on 16 June. Since then, the virus has been circulating at high speed in the country.

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