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PCR TEST. The end of the free PCR tests is recorded. On 11 last August, Gabriel Attal confirmed that from mid-October, it will now be necessary to pay to perform a PCR test without a medical prescription. What there is to know. From mid-October, the so-called “comfort” RT-PCR tests will become chargeable, as confirmed by the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, at the end of the last Sanitary Defense Council, on 11 August. By “comfort” is meant tests which have not been prescribed by a doctor, in the case, for example, of symptoms suggestive of a coronavirus infection. From this fall, therefore, if you wish to perform a PCR screening test, you will have to justify a medical prescription to be able to benefit from the free service. This applies to all the tests carried out in particular to obtain a health pass in order to access an establishment subject to the device. The goal claimed by the government, with this measure, is to encourage the French to be vaccinated, a complete vaccination schedule for at least a week constituting valid proof for the health pass. The question of test prices is now on the table. And if nothing is official yet, a few leads can already give us an idea of ​​the proposed prices. Thus, since July 7, PCR tests have become paying for foreigners, a decision described as a “reciprocity measure” by Gabriel Attal. They pay 29 euros for a PCR test and 49 euros for an antigen test. The rates soon applied to French citizens could be close to the prices mentioned and be included in a range between 30 and 50 euros. For comparison, in Eastern European countries the amounts rarely exceed 60 to 70 euros, as in the Czech Republic, Hungary or Slovakia . In Austria, you have to pay 60 to 120 euros for a PCR, as in Spain and Portugal. Count 80 to 150 in the Netherlands. What is a Covid PCR Test? The RT-PCR test is a virological test. It detects the virus using a nasopharyngeal swab. In practice, the healthcare professional uses a swab, which looks like a cotton swab, to collect cells from inside both nostrils of the person being tested. It only takes few seconds. The sample is then subjected to biochemical reactions to amplify the virus and detect it. In general, it is possible to know the results of a Covid PCR test carried out in a pharmacy in 24 hours. Where to do a PCR test? It is possible to perform an RT-PCR test in different screening points: public or private medical analysis laboratories; temporary screening centers, located in premises made available, or in public spaces such as car parks or parks. To make it easy to find a screening point near home, the French government has produced an online map on the Santé.fr website grouping together all the places where it is possible to carry out a Covid PCR test. What approach in pharmacy? Volunteer pharmacists are well authorized to carry out antigenic tests, which are Covid screening tests which allow a result to be obtained in about fifteen minutes. They are, however, less reliable than RT-PCR tests. The antigen test in pharmacies is available with or without an appointment, often very quickly. You just have to contact the pharmacy to have access to this test. This test is therefore recommended for all people with symptoms, to allow action to be taken quickly if the test is positive. Many screening places offer to perform PCR tests without an appointment. In some temporary centers, screenings are done all week and only without an appointment. Medical analysis laboratories can offer specific niches. All screening centers are listed on the Santé.fr site with the reception procedures. It should be noted that the crowd can be important, and be prepared to wait a while before being received by a health professional, if you wish to do an RT-PCR test without an appointment. Can we do a PCR test without a prescription? It is quite possible to do a PCR test without a prescription. It is therefore possible to go to the majority of screening centers without a medical prescription, even without symptoms. On the other hand, you must be in one of the following situations to be a priority: have symptoms that have been identified as linked to Covid; have been identified as a “contact person”. Until mid-October, RT-PCR tests are fully reimbursed by Health Insurance. They are therefore free for all people being tested in France. From mid-October, however, only tests prescribed by prescription will still be reimbursed. The others, called “comfort”, will become chargeable. Source:


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