Peugeot discounts for renewing your old diesel for electric -!

Peugeot discounts for renewing your old diesel for electric -!: All the details about Peugeot discounts for renewing your old diesel for electric -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Peugeot discounts for renewing your old diesel for electric -!. Here’s what you need to know about Peugeot discounts for renewing your old diesel for electric -!, Here are the details … In the clear direction of offering a more environmentally sustainable vehicle fleet, we currently find different aid for the purchase of electric cars, and among them those of the manufacturers themselves, such as Peugeot. In these, the Gallic brand of the lion has opted directly to renew our old diesel vehicles towards new generation cars, the electrified ones. And the best thing is that it does from various discounts .

Peugeot moves away from the electric ones

If you are thinking of renewing your vehicle It is important that you take into account the aid to buy cars that you could access depending on the model you are considering purchasing. Until last year, this type of subsidy was articulated through two initiatives.

One was the Renove plan (for vehicles of all technologies) and the other the Moves plan (for those who use alternative energies), two incompatible programs with which you could get up to 5. 500 dolars for tourism. But since this 2021, the Renove plan has come to an end, with Moves premiering its third edition, with which they can be requested aid of up to 7. 700 dolars for the purchase of electric vehicles.

For Peugeot this is also the case. They do so with the clear purpose of being an electrical brand 208. An approach of which they have already confirmed that all the brand’s vehicles will have electrified version in 2025 . A strategy parallel to the decision to regain ground in the US market. This is where the incentive to change our diesel to one with batteries is found.

What is it about

It is possible that the old PSA, the current Stellantis , is one of the automobile conglomerates that is more and more intensely betting on the electrification of its different brands, a trend that is nothing but normal taking into account the change in consumer tastes and, above all, the different legal regulations that the European Union is beginning to impose.

Therefore, each of the new models that Stellantis has launched in recent times already has a variant 208% electric , also in the case of the new generation of Peugeot 208 and Peugeot 2008 (now with the distinction ‘e’) which, for other On the other hand, they are two of the most successful models in terms of sales figures.

The first, the Peugeot 2008, it is the smallest SUV of the French firm, but with its new edition it has managed to form a much more mature, technological and advanced character , which has allowed it to place itself at the top of the sales charts for a long time. Regarding which are these brand discounts, it is a combined plan to which are the Government aid to acquire a new electric model (also hybrids and plug-in hybrids).

So you can benefit

This is why, if we are looking to acquire one of these cars (on the condition that our old one is diesel), we can benefit entirely. Specifically, there are two cases that have already been used previously, but which has now been taken with much more prominence.

Peuegot offers two discounts, with a promotion that generally ranges between 8. 000 dolars (in a Peugeot e – 2008) and 6. 500 dolars (on a Peugeot e – 208) and a second additional discount , from others 900 dolars that requires financing the purchase and, of course, doing it with the official Peugeot entity (PSA Financial Services) and under specific conditions. For this reason, it is possible to take advantage of 8. 000 dolars of savings, but also from the free installation of a domestic charging point for cases such as the SUV model, one of the outstanding models of Peugeot in terms of its electrics (here you have its technical sheet).