Pluto TV adds three new channels for free in January -!

Pluto TV adds three new channels for free in January -!: All the details about Pluto TV adds three new channels for free in January -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Pluto TV adds three new channels for free in January -!. Here’s what you need to know about Pluto TV adds three new channels for free in January -!, Here are the details … Although it seemed that it was not going to make it, the free platform Pluto TV has kept its promise. At its launch in Spain, it promised that it would close the year 2021 with 100 channels and it will be like this finally. Of course, some are temporary and will only be available during Christmas, but still it is a considerable offer (especially to be totally free). Now, we begin to know the news that will be incorporated throughout 2022 with the announcement of the three new free channels arriving in January.

Pluto TV,, Rakuten TV channels, Plex TV channels or Samsung TV Plus have contributed to making Spain one of the countries with the largest offer of free channels. Adding up the unique channels between these platforms, since some share channels, we have a total of 400 channels that we can watch without “paying a penny”. This completes the great offer of paid streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max or Disney +) and that of pay television (Movistar +, Orange TV or Vodafone TV).

New channels on Pluto TV

In December, 3 new channels have arrived on Pluto TV, the same number of channels that will arrive in the month of January of 2022. As of December 6 we are being able to see MTV Super Hits 2021 (with a playlist selected by MTV with songs), MTV Prank (with shows like Vidiots or hidden camera like Punk’D) and iCarly (one of Nickelodeon’s best known series).

For its part, with the entry of the new year and from 17 January, the new channels that will appear on the Pluto TV grid will be the following:


From Monday 12 January 2022 we will have access to a canal that will allow us to move to the deepest oceans, the highest mountains and the most exotic destinations on the planet. Here we can see documentaries such as Discover, Amazing Planet, Access All Areas, Beautiful Planet, Roads End and Come Wild with Us. A good way to spend time in front of the television.


That same day we will be able to see the new channel Constance Meyer: Judge in practice . It will tell the adventures of Constance, a farmer of 50 years who decides to graduate in Law and be the fellow of the demanding judge Frédéric Filiponi. Although they have many differences, they come together to solve the judicial investigations that take place in Marseille.


One week later, the 24 January 2022, will arrive MTV Brave, with MTV reality shows about people who find the courage it takes to change their lives . Here we find programs like Now or Never What do you want to do before you die ?, I’m no longer fat or Fired! For dad and mom.