Police encounter two tangled bald eagles on Minnesota street


Police come across two tangled bald eagles on the ground in a Minnesota street It’s an unusual brawl that the police had to face in Minnesota. At the beginning of November, they were called for an intervention in a street in Plymouth. Arrived on the scene, they were surprised to discover two bald eagles posed on the ground in full bickering.

The birds waved their wings without being able to take flight and for good reason, their legs were visibly entangled. ” We have appeasement tactics but I had never applied them on eagles or other animals ,” WCCO 4 News Agent Mitch Martinson intervened in the scene.

For Plymouth police officers, there’s no telling what call could come in next. Yesterday, police responded to a report of two bald eagles stuck together on a Plymouth roadway.

With a little assistance, the eagles were able to untangle themselves and flew away 🦅🦅 pic.twitter.com/3d9S9jpM1Z

– Plymouth Police, MN (@PlymouthMNPD) November 3, 2019 Unsure of what to do, the policeman contacted the Department of Natural Resources and the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota seeking advice. Remembering a documentary seen on television, he was about to try to cover the heads of the raptors to appease them but he did not have time.

The two birds finally managed to free themselves. ” The next moment they were flying away ,” Mitch Martinson testified. ” It’s just crazy. It’s hard to believe it happened out there on the street ,” commented one of the residents. present. Crazy yes but not completely new. According to specialists, this happens even more often than one thinks.

Territorial combat or failed courtship? In October 2019, from police thus experienced a similar scene in the city of Apple Valley in Minnesota. They had to intervene to separate two eagles entangled in each other. Asked by KARE 10, Dr. Victoria Hall, veterinarian and director of the Raptor Center, explained that these kinds of incidents usually occur during air clashes for the territory.

” There are two times of the year when we know this is happening ” in spring and fall, she said. Birds can fight to keep the territory where they are going to build their nest or to defend it from possible intruders. If duels are frequent, they can have serious consequences for rivals.

Each year, the Raptor Center specializing in raptor care collects around six bald eagles with injuries. linked to these fights. And sometimes things go very badly, according to Dr. Hall, citing the case of two eagles who got tangled up and ended up falling into a river and drowning.

Hard to say the exact circumstances in which the birds of Plymouth got entangled and ended up on this street. However, such incidents also happen during courtship displays, NPR Crystal Slusher of the American Eagle Foundation told NPR .

At the bald eagles, certain rituals indeed consist in interlocking its talons and heading towards the ground before separating and taking off at the last moment. ” It is possible that things turned out badly and they just did not let go in time “, she speculated, finding themselves stranded with each other on the ground.

Two birds of prey apparently left unharmed Anyway, the two specimens did not seem to leave injured from their mishap, according to Agent Mitch Martinson who will remember this rather special intervention for a long time.

” This is one of the advantages of this job. Every day is a new day and every call is different from the last. You never know what you’re going to be getting into. there, I will remember it until the end of my life as one of the best of my career “, he concluded.

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