PPDA accused of rape: the moving testimony of a complainant


PPDA accused of rape: the moving testimony of a complainant Hélène Devynck, one of the women who accuses PPDA of rape, has revealed the reason why she took so long to testify against the presenter.

Hélène Devynck is one of the women who agreed to testify against Patrick Poivre d’Arvor in the Liberation columns, Monday, November 8 2021. Guest of the program C Politique sur France 5 dimanche November 2021, the screenwriter of 54 years old reveals the reasons why she took so long to speak, just like many victims.

The vice-president of the association # MeTooMédias explains: “I spoke, I gave my name a few months ago already because that I had testified in the newspaper Le Monde which had made an extraordinary investigation into this story. It’s attenuated, I’m more socially seated, I can afford it, basically the risk is to be called a whore, it still exists today ”, says -she, before adding that the remarks can be violent with regard to these women considered sometimes as “opportunists” who “wanted to sleep in order to succeed” . ” All that, we can still hear it” , she laments.

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# MeTooMédias: an association to free speech in the media A statement also drawn up by Cécile Delarue, another complainant: “For us it’s triple the penalty. We must not accuse someone famous because we will immediately tell us that we are doing this to be recognized ”, says the journalist and treasurer of the association # MeTooMédias , still in C Politics. As a reminder, the # MeTooMédias association was founded by the 8 women who testified against PPDA in the columns of Liberation.

Aware of not being the only ones to have experienced this type of violence, they founded this association to free speech in the media. A way to “offer an umbrella to all those who do not want to come out of anonymity, but who need this sorority” , like the explained Emmanuelle Dancourt, who added that she did not know the seven other women who testified. They were found on social networks. “When you file a complaint, you have the right to have access to the folder ”, she said.


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