Pregnancy: which position to accelerate the opening of the cervix?

Pregnancy: which position to accelerate the opening of the cervix?

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Pregnancy: which position to accelerate the opening of the cervix?

Pregnancy: which position to accelerate the opening of the cervix? We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Pregnancy: which position to accelerate the opening of the cervix? Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Pregnancy: which position to accelerate the opening of the cervix?

Childbirth is an important stage in a woman’s life. Which position to choose to dilate and accelerate the opening of the cervix? Explanations.

A true marathon, childbirth is taxing, both morally and physically. During the last trimester of pregnancy (and sometimes before if the situation so requires), specialists (gynecologist-obstretist or midwife in particular) are required to carry out examinations of the cervix. The objective is to ensure the correct position of the latter and to provide more precise indications on the delivery to come, or at least the beginning of the labor. The cervix dilates gradually, although it can widen more quickly in a few days.

To make childbirth faster and less painful, there are several techniques to accentuate the stage of dilation in order to help the baby to descend into the pelvis faster. Among the advice given to women about to give birth: change position! So, which position to favor to accelerate the opening of the collar? Find out everything in this article.

The cervix, a precious sphincter to be treated with care

When it comes to giving birth, the question of induction of labor may arise. Behind this medical term, it is in fact to promote the dilation of the cervix to accelerate childbirth. It requires understanding what this organ is and how it works. The cervix is ​​a sphincter that must be treated with care.

According to Ina May Gaskin, a world famous midwife and author of the “Guide to Natural Birth”, cervical opening is faster when you are intimate with people you know and when you are standing up to do it. play gravity. Unfortunately, birth rooms are often noisy. The woman lying on her back is usually in the middle of a back and forth of sometimes unknown medical personnel.

To be ready for your delivery, here are some natural techniques that may allow you to gently trigger your baby’s descent.

Do not stay still to dilate the cervix faster

Keeping still is counterproductive for the pregnant woman who is about to give birth. In fact, immobility prevents the smooth running of labor since it creates compressions and numbness in the body which help to slow the dilation of the cervix. On the contrary, specialists have proven that being in motion during childbirth makes labor faster and reduces the pain of the procedure. This is why it is particularly advisable to use a pilates ball to mobilize the pelvis and facilitate the descent of the baby.

    Change position to shoot the fetus towards the exit

    If you want to speed up the birth, the advice your doctor can give you is to change your position often. Adopting several different postures is a great help. This allows the baby to progress more easily in his mother’s pelvis but also to better experience the pain of contractions. Which is not a luxury when you know how painful they can be for some women. Here are some examples of positions to adopt:

    • Sitting cross-legged on a cushion: the fetus is pulled down by a kind of natural pressure;
    • sitting with the arms resting on an armchair;

      sitting astride on a chair: this makes it possible to accelerate the contractions and therefore to encourage the descent of the fetus into the pelvis;

      standing, leaning on a cushion;

      kneeling: to open the pelvis thanks to gravity and thus push the fetus in the right direction;

      lying on the side (lateral position): a position which allows both to rest and to promote the initiation of labor;

      sitting on a gymnastic ball.

      Doctors recommend changing your position every 14 or so.

      Take a bath for faster dilation of the cervix

      The positions that you can take (apart from standing) can also be carried out under specific conditions, for example in a bath. On request and when possible, some women can take advantage of an expansion bath in their maternity ward. The water has a relaxing effect on the muscles and relaxes the muscle fibers, which allows the proper dilation of the cervix.

      As a general rule, a childbirth in water is three times faster than ‘a classic childbirth. However, if the baby requires special attention, the woman will usually not be able to do some of the work in the tub for health reasons.

      Facilitate childbirth through walking

      Another solution to facilitate the opening of the collar: walk. It is not for nothing that women who are not sufficiently dilated are advised to walk in the corridors or the courtyard of the hospital. Walking allows you to use gravity to show the baby the way out. And since the pelvis is still, the contractions are not more frequent, which does not create additional pain. If you can and if you think about it, then do not hesitate to walk and support yourself during uterine contractions to relieve the pain.

      To further improve the situation, you can use a pregnancy balloon. This accessory is recommended to facilitate childbirth and help you position yourself better. The ball allows the pelvis to make an effortless, almost permanent movement. Sit on the ball and do circular movements. You will also relieve the pain of your contractions.

      Do exercises to relax your jaw, useful for dilating the cervix

      Not many people know it, but the muscles of the genital area and those of the mouth are linked. So when your jaw is closed and tight, so is your cervix. Otherwise called “law of the sphincters”, the method consists of accompanying each contraction by relaxing your body and your jaw and promoting movements. You can also vibrate your lips to prevent tightening of the jaw. A bit like blowing bubbles…

      Sex to promote the descent of the fetus

      Having sex at the end of a pregnancy has been scientifically proven to speed up the onset of labor. This method is even called “Italian childbirth”. This is because intercourse emits oxytocin, the love hormone, the same which is also injected into the pregnant woman to induce childbirth. If there was a preferred sexual position? This of the Andromache or the teaspoon (lying on the left side to avoid compressing the vena cava)…

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